The city of Preston is offering a 2012 Housing Incentive for three different situations: for the building of a new home, for remodeling or for buying an existing property in Preston. Homeowners can save up to $3,300.

Contact city hall for an application and guidelines to see which incentive is right for you. Reach city hall by phone at 507-765-2153, or download forms at

The city of Preston finds value in promoting incentives for construction, remodeling and the purchase of existing homes. By attracting construction, new home buyers to the city and rewarding the existing home owner's remodeling projects, the city gains new utility customers, sees an increase in energy savings, and encourages the tradition of pride of ownership, local shopping, local employment and the Tree City program.

It's been found that the incentive program introduces new residents to local resources, and increases the tax base, a benefit for everyone in the community of Preston.

The program is designed as a partnership between three city entities and a private organization. The collaborating partners are the Preston EDA, the Preston Public Utilities, the City Park Department and the Preston Golf and Country Club.

The program is available on a first-come, first-served basis and began on April 2. It runs throughout the year until all incentives have been spoken for. There are three in each category. For more details you can call or email Cathy Enerson, the Economic Development director at City Hall.