Wendy Yaste, who grew up in Preston and graduated from its school in 1969, lost her home in flooding on Lake Shady and the Zumbro River at Oronoco last week.

Yaste - whose mother is Pearl Yaste and sisters are Kay Brockway (Republican-Leader office manager) and Susan Mandelko, all of Preston, as well as Linda Nierenhausen of Stewartville - was featured in a KAAL-TV (Channel 6, Austin) interview Monday evening. Yaste told the reporter she had just purchased her home within the past year and did not have flood insurance on it.

The story stated:

"'I loved the house, had to have it, so I got it. Just got it all arranged,' she says.

Like many others, her dream house was destroyed during last week's devastating floods.

"'It's just really tough, real tough. But nobody got hurt and my pets are with me,' says Wendy.

"Her house and her belongings are another story. After her basement flooded from top to bottom, and 3 ft. of water swept through the upstairs, Wendy is stuck with the costs of cleanup, because she doesn't have flood insurance.

"'Nobody thought it would ever get this high,' says Wendy."

The story goes on to say the city of Oronoco would have to have been part of the federal flood insurance program, which is apparently wasn't.

The story offered hope for possible coverage in this situation by having insurance for sewer backup or sub pump failure. However, victims of the Rushford flood and others can share that such instances caused by a flood still may not be covered.

At the end of the interview Yaste said she didn't know what she would do in the future. Her family members hope FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) will provide help, as it has in the past to flood victims. The Red Cross and United Way of Olmsted County are working with Yaste, also.

For now she is living in her garage on higher ground, keeping an eye on her property. It also allows her to stay with her pets, which would be hard to house elsewhere. She is contemplating her next move, unsure what the future offers and still in disbelief her new home is history.

To see a video of Yaste's interview, go to http://KAALtv.com/article/stories/S1763672.shtml?cat=10226 Also, word has been received that Yaste was featured in another KAAL story aired Tuesday, Sept. 28, which should also be available on KAAL's website.