I just wanted to send out some information that may affect some of the area businesses. Between the days of March 17 to 19, there has been a white male, about 30 years of age, with short brown hair and a beard and mustache, that has been in the Houston and La Crescent area and apparently he is an accomplished quick-change artist.

There was no information provided on how he does this, but in the past, we have had some problems with his relative from Houston. The cousin will come into a business and make a purchase, and then get into an argument with the cashier about the amount of change given, get the cashier flustered and they end up convincing the cashier that they were giving the wrong change back, and by the time the argument is over, the cashier has given back way more than the amount given in the original purchase.

I have no other information that I can send to you about this, so it is a good time to remind everyone that has retails sales to the public to be mindful of this type of activity.

If you have questions or you believe that this person is or comes to your store, call your local law enforcement agency immediately and we can assist and hopefully keep you from becoming a victim.