Daulton Gartner, left, and Jarrett Brown present a landscape design for the Lanesboro school sign in front of the building to the school board. The project was developed in the horticulture class offered at the school.
Daulton Gartner, left, and Jarrett Brown present a landscape design for the Lanesboro school sign in front of the building to the school board. The project was developed in the horticulture class offered at the school.
As part of their horticulture class, five Lanesboro High School students developed a landscaping project plan for their school. Two of them, Jarrett Brown and Daulton Gartner, presented the design proposal to the school board at its regular meeting on Thursday evening, March 21.

In their presentation, Gartner explained the project would aim to highlight the school sign on the south side of the building. He also cited learning opportunities that would come with working on a real project as reasons for the school board to approve the design and its implementation.

It would be a chance, Gartner explained, for he and his classmates to build teamwork skills and experience other career opportunities.

The project would entail the planting and maintaining of six pom pom junipers, 15 butterfly flowers, four dwarf globe blue spruce shrubs, and two upright blue spruces. Brown pointed out on a map where each bush or flower would be placed.

Gartner also pointed out that the class would be using decorative rock and hardwood bark mulch for various reasons. The rock would prevent weeds from growing and fit in with other landscaping the school has already had done. The mulch, as he explained, would hold moisture well while also preventing weeds from growing.

Gartner also proposed that the project have landscape edging placed around it to help define its placement around the sign as well as to help prevent grasses from spreading into the design area.

The estimated total cost of the project would be around $2,705, but Gartner said they are still shopping around for deals in product and shipping. The money would come out of the general school fund.

Continued maintenance of the project was addressed as well, since the project would be completed by the end of the school year. As one final note, Gartner explained a plan to add a couple 40-inch high by 36-inch wide steel horseshoes to the landscaping on the west side of the school.

It was asked whether all the plants in the rock portion of the project would be able to handle extremely hot days. Gartner stated that the spruces, which could handle the heat, would be the only plants in the rock, whereas all the herbaceous plants would be placed in mulch. The depth of the rocks would be two inches and plastic lining would be placed underneath the soil.

Board member Dave Ruen stated with the continued maintenance of the project, it would become a good outdoor lab experience for the horticulture class. The board unanimously accepted the landscaping project and the cost to the school.

School calendar

The 2013-2014 school calendar was discussed and refined further. Superintendent Jeff Boggs told the school board that they had 176 student contact days and seven teacher workshop days planned for the year, along with an extra day for new teachers.

After initially talking about setting the graduation date for June 8, they decided to push it back a week to June 1.

One issue was the placement of the last day of school after semester testing. In order to prevent having it fall on a Monday, two extra days were added to spring break. Semester testing will fall on June 2 and 3 in 2014. It was also decided to make the last day of the school year a half day, with dismissal at 11:30 a.m. The start of school in 2013 will be Sept. 3.

Spring coaches approved

Spring sport coaching contracts were approved by the board. These included Lori Anderson, Joe Cullen, Eric Bunge, Andy Bunge, Jared Pierce and Mingo Kingsley for the girls and boys track and field teams and John Smith and Cody Hungerholt for golf.

It was reported that approximately 65 students were going out for track and field between Lanesboro and Fillmore Central.

Other business

In other business, the board handled the following issues at its meeting.

• After 10 years of being the director of food service at Lanesboro, Cindy Holmen submitted a letter of resignation to the school with remarks about how she enjoyed working for the school those years. The board accepted her resignation with many thanks and appreciation.

• Ruen reminded the board of the scholarship banquet that would be held April 21 at 6 p.m.

• The board closed the meeting to discuss personnel issues and proceeded to adjourn afterward.