Athletic director Chris Mensink told the Fillmore Central School Board that preliminary participation numbers in the upcoming winter sports season will be up from last year. He also shared a list of coach recommendations for the board to approve during its meeting last Tuesday evening.

Mensink shared there are 53 students interested in going out for boys' basketball in grades 7 to 12 and 40 girls interested in playing basketball. These numbers indicate that both girls and boys programs will be able to play a full roster of seventh and eighth grade teams as well as ninth grade, B squad and varsity teams.

Last year's boys' basketball head coach, Heath Olstad, is not returning this year. So, the boys' coaches approved by the board included head coach Aaron Janssen and assistant coaches Aaron Mensink, Tris Tollefson, Kyle Lundquist and Levi Olstad.

Mensink reported Sarah Tollefson will be returning as the girls' basketball head coach and recommended hiring Brady Grew as the eighth grade coach. There are openings in the ninth grade and seventh grade coaching slots.

"We've had some interest, but still looking for something definite," he said.

Deb Ristau, who has been a coach the past several years, indicated she would like to retire from her post, but said she would consider returning if the district had trouble filling those positions.

Joe Cullen, last year's head wrestling coach, has also stepped down. Therefore, the board approved hiring Jim Love to fill that position. There are 21 in the program, five of whom are from Lanesboro.

Mensink thanked all of the past coaches for their many years of service to the district. "We surely appreciate what they have done for our programs," he added.

Proposed levy

The board approved the proposed 2012 Payable 2013 levy in the amount of $1,434,123.08, the maximum allowed for the district. This is an 11 percent reduction from last year, mainly due to the reduction in Health and Safety funds, explained Superintendent Richard Keith.

The final amount will be approved in December following the truth-in-taxation meeting.

Personnel issues

The board handled several personnel issues at its meeting.

First hired was Barb Thompson as the assistant technology coordinator. In the board notes, Keith explained she has experience working with computer operating systems, server technology, software programs and applications. She also has experience leading adult computer training sessions. She began her employment with the district on Monday, Oct. 1, and will work 164 days during the 2012-13 school year with her pay prorated from an annual salary of $30,000 to $24,000 for this year.

Next, the board hired Angela Kaase as a paraprofessional at the high school. Keith explained this hire was necessary due to the unique needs of a new student. She was hired for six hours per day at an hourly wage of $9.14 per hour.

The board also approved the hire of Katie Gilman as a day care aide. She will work 32 hours per week at a wage of $8 per hour.

The board approved a service contract for mental health practitioner supervision through the Kingsland School District. Keith explained Fillmore Central purchases eight hours a week from Kingsland for the services of Kay Haugerud to supervise the district's mental health practitioner.

The board also approved a service contract with Sunbelt Professional Services to cover the school psychologist needs.

The board approved an agreement with Kingsland to continue sharing the services of Michelle Breitsprecher as director of special education.

Finally, the board hired Jessica Marzolf to work with the ECFE for three hours a week.

Wrestling booster donation

The board accepted and acknowledged a donation from the wrestling booster club that will allow the district to purchase three new mats for the wrestling room, which are also used during the holiday tournament.

Jim Love noted three of the old mats had been sold and another disposed of.

He explained the new mats are made out of high-impact foam, which provides the needed protection, but are lighter and easier to move. "We should have them in place by the start of the season," he added.

The board thanked the wrestling booster club for its generous donation to the school district and its continued support of the wrestling program.

Small items

• The board approved the Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement which includes student achievement goals for meeting state academic standards and results of local assessment data and any additional test data. It also includes the annual school district improvement plans and staff development goals, information about the district and learning site progress on previously adopted improvement plans, distribution of revenue attributed to each school site and district advisory committee information, including names of committee members and how to become a new member. This report is posted on the school's website.

• The board approved a motion to seek quotes for snow removal and lawn care at the Harmony and Preston school sites for the period of two years. Keith explained the notice in the papers would be simple, stating bid forms would need to be picked up from the district office.

• The board approved a resolution adopting a general records retention schedule. This allows the district to legally dispose of records. First, the board adopted a resolution adopting a retention schedule and then accepted the schedule of when files would be destroyed and the process and procedures that would be done to properly dispose of these records.

• An open enrollment request for a Kingsland seventh grade student was approved.