Mabel-Canton's Abby Hanson tries to stop Lanesboro's Johanna Bearson from getting closer to the basket when the Cougars hosted the Burros on Monday, Jan. 21.
Mabel-Canton's Abby Hanson tries to stop Lanesboro's Johanna Bearson from getting closer to the basket when the Cougars hosted the Burros on Monday, Jan. 21.
The Lanesboro girls' basketball team was perfect last week in conference play.

Lanesboro at Mabel-Canton

The Burros defeated M-C 45-34 on Monday night. Both squads won for their communities, however, since they teamed up for the annual "Foul Out Cancer" event, raising funds for cancer awareness and research programs. The same two schools teamed up the following night for the event when their boys' teams met.

"It was easily one of our best all-around team games," LHS coach Kelly McMillan reported. "Everyone played well and we did a lot of the little things needed to win." The Burros led 20-12 at the half and defended with gusto throughout, holding M-C shooters to a 26 percent rate of success from the field.

Johanna Bearson led all scorers with 19 points, 8 rebounds. Alisa Warnes had 10 points and 5 rebounds. Bailey Gartner contributed 7 points and 5 rebounds. Chelsea Hanson, Heather Boyum, Kaia Hongerholt and Kirsten Ruen each had 2 points. Hongerholt also had an impressive 10 assists and 6 boards, while Ruen snagged 2 rebounds and Boyum 1. Olivia Haug had 3 rebounds and a free-throw.

For the Cougars, Sara Lind scored 9 points, grabbed 11 rebounds and 2 steals, and blocked a shot. Coranda Vickerman also had 9 points, hitting three of six from beyond the arc.

Lanesboro at Schaeffer Academy

Following a disappointing opening period, the Burros caught the Lions Friday on the way to a 46-38 come from behind victory.

Lanesboro trailed 24-16 at the half, suffering through SA runs of 7 and 6 points. But the Burros brought a new attitude out of the locker room, overtaking SA 33-32 midway through the second period on a Hongerholt field goal. That was the only lead change of the night, and LHS never looked back.

"We did not play our best basketball in the first half against Schaeffer," McMillan noted. "After halftime we came out with a focus of playing with more intensity and executing. It was great to see our focus and halftime adjustments pay off."

Warnes did a good job of cutting behind the SA press for open shots, McMillen said. She finished with a team-high 27 points and 9 rebounds. Ruen and Hanson each scored 6 points, while Gartner chipped in for 3. Hanson and Hongerholt had 2 points apiece.

Warnes snagged 9 rebounds. Hongerholt had 6 boards while passing for 4 assists with only 2 turnovers. Haug had 5 rebounds, as did Bearson. Ruen had 4 rebounds.

"Overall it was another great team win for us and hopefully we continue to play together," McMillen added.

Up next

The Burros were scheduled to host Houston on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Two nights later, they will welcome Rushford-Peterson to Lanesboro. On Friday, Glenville-Emmons will visit LHS.

Southeast Conference 2013

GIRLS Basketball conf. season


Spring Grove * 12- 0 13 - 6

Hope Lutheran 7 - 5 13 - 5

Mabel-Canton 6 - 5 10 - 6

Lanesboro 4 - 8 5 -12

Houston 3 - 8 4 -12

* defending division champion


Lyle/Pacelli 9 - 2 14 - 2

Grand Meadow 9 - 3 10 - 7

LeRoy-Ostrander * 7 - 5 8 -10

Schaeffer Acad. 1 -11 4 -14

G-E 0 -11 1 -14