Taylor Case, Fillmore Central junior, led all Three Rivers Conference players in serve receive. Case was successful in 241 of 248 receptions, 97.18 percent.

Three other Falcon players also did very well in the SR category: senior Chelsea Rislove (sixth, 90.93 percent), junior Danielle Zinsmaster (ninth, 89.83 percent) and sophomore Sara Schultz (11th, 87.24 percent). As a team, serve receive was one of FC's best categories, finishing third as a team at 90.66 percent.

In the other categories, as a team, Fillmore Central finished eighth in serving (90.26 percent), eighth in ace serving (9.74 percent), third in kills (10.552/set), fifth in hitting efficiency (.2016), third in assists (9.379/set), seventh in blocks (1.517/set) and ninth in digs (13.839/set). Team leaders in each of the categories, so you can get a comparison of how FC fared.....serving (Chatfield, 94.88 percent, ace serving (St. Charles, 12.66 percent), serve receive (Chatfield, 91.85 percent), kills (W-K, 12.729/set), hitting efficiency (Caledonia, .2907), assists (W-K, 11.459/set), blocks (Chatfield, 2.094/set) and digs (St. Charles, 19.602/set).

Fillmore Central had the second best record at the end of the season, 26-6 (.813), behind Wabasha-Kellogg (30-3, .909) and ahead of Caledonia (27-7, .794). Caledonia finished second in the state in Class AA, losing to No. 1 ranked Marshall in the state championship match.

Individually, Fillmore Central had somebody in the top 10 in each category, except ace serves and blocks. Taylor Case, in addition to topping serve receive, ranks high in several other categories. Here are the Fillmore Central players that made the tops list. The leader in each category is also listed, so FC fans can see how their players compare to other players in the conference.

Serving: Sammi Bakke (seventh, 95.80 percent, Taylor Case (18th, 92.97 percent) and Morgan Malley (24th, 91.73 percent). Kileigh Dudek, Chatfield, had a 98.01 percent rate. Bakke was fourth in service attempts with 381 (Kalyn Biever, WK, 462) and third in good serves at 365. Biever was tops with 449 good serves. Amy Todd, R-P, topped the list with 81 ace serves, 22.82 percent. Case (39, 16th, 12.46 percent) Chelsea Rislove (24th, 35, 11.59 percent) and Tor Peterson (33, 9.94 percent) made the ace serving list.

Serve receive: Taylor Case (first 97.18 percent), Chelsea Rislove (sixth, 90.93 percent), Danielle Zinsmaster (ninth, 89.83 percent) and Sara Schultz (11th, 87.24 percent). This was the Lady Falcon's best category.

Kills: Taylor Case (348 total and 4.000/set, both fifth), Tor Peterson (ninth total, 211; and seventh, 2.740/set), Leah Scheevel (20th, 148 total) and Sammi Bakke (100). Amy Todd, RP, had a total of 501, 5.505/set and 1145 attacks. Case was fourth in total attacks, 835, and Tor was eighth in attacks with 649.

Hitting efficiency: Case (.3269, sixth), Scheevel (.2350, 13th) and Bakke (23rd, .1809). Two Caledonia gals, Emma Lange (.3663) and Maria Fruechte (.3652) topped the hitting list.

Set assists: Morgan Malley was third with 8.586 assists/set. Kalyn Biever, WK, 10.976/set.

Blocks: Leah Scheevel (11th, 43) and Sammi Bakke (30, 18th) were tops for Fillmore Central. Maria Fruechte, Caledonia, had 73.

Digs: Taylor Case, eighth, 328; Chelsea Rislove, 223, 22nd; and Morgan Malley, 209. Kendra Crawford, Rushford-Peterson had a TRC high with 479.

Taylor Case, Morgan Malley and Tor Peterson made the Three Rivers All-Conference list. Sammi Bakke, Chelsea Rislove and Leah Scheevel were on the Honorable Mention team.