The required paging system upgrades needed by the Canton Fire Department were discussed at the Wednesday, Oct. 3, regular Canton City Council meeting. The purchase of the replacement pagers, at a cost of approximately $7,000 was approved by the council, to be paid with general funds.

Jon Nordsving, a city maintenance employee, also told the council that he had purchased three used hand-held portable radios from the city of Goodview at a cost of $40 each. These used radios are able to be reprogrammed to meet the narrow band requirement. The conversion to the 800 MHz system is planned before the end of 2012.

Nordsving reported that there will be a grant application submitted to the Arlin Falck Foundation by the deadline of Nov. 11. The application will be for the pager purchase and a replacement generator for the water tower.

The repair of the water hydrant by the former lumberyard building, completed on Oct. 3 required the water supply to the city be turned off for a period of time. The rebuild of the older hydrant was completed with new replacement parts purchased from Minnesota Pipe. Although Nordsving stated that he has some parts on hand for the older hydrants still used within the city, the parts necessary for the repair were not part of his inventory.

A quote will be sought to pull the pump at well number one and televise the well. According to Pat Bailey from the Minnesota Department of Health, there may be a leak in the casing, although Nordsving told the council that the water output is the same as the second well.

The ongoing issue with the excessive debris on the Joel Torgerson property also was discussed. Torgerson will be issued a letter and the Fillmore County Sheriff's office was contacted regarding the violation of the city junkyard ordinance.

Two building permit issues were dealt with at the meeting. First, approval was given for Preston Dairy and Farm to construct an addition on the existing shed located on the east side of their property.

Sharon Kohnen was present at the meeting to discuss her plan to extend her porch towards the street. Kohnen stated that she wanted to put a carport in the area between the house itself and Hudson Avenue. Mayor Donivee Johnson told Kohnen that the proposed extension would not meet the 15-foot set-back required by city ordinances and therefore would require a variance be granted. To obtain a variance, Kohnen would have to make a payment of a $400 fee and a public hearing would be required to confirm that there was no opposition to the construction. Kohnen did not indicate that she would be proceeding and no action was taken.

Lolly Melander, city clerk, requested that a work schedule change be approved for the week of Oct. 15. Approval was given to the change for one week only; the clerk's office will be open on Monday, Oct. 15, and closed on Friday, Oct. 19. The remainder of the week's schedule is unchanged.

Approval was given to the application for a liquor license to Nick and Renee Prestby for the Canton Pub. The owners will be required to pay for an entire year; $600 for on-sale, an additional $10 for Sunday sales and $50 off sale 3.2 fee. The city does not pro-rate the annual license fees. The Pub is currently closed for remodeling, but is expected to reopen later this month. Renewal approval was also given to Poppy Zafft for ZZ Tap.

Approval was given to the issuance of a liquor license for the Canton Firemen's Dance to be held Oct. 27.