Gordon Fredrickson's respect for the history and evolution of farming will be the subject of a special presentation at the Fillmore County History Center (FCHC) later this month.

"We're excited to welcome Mr. Fredrickson to the museum," said director Debra Richardson, anticipating author Fredrickson's appearance at the center on Saturday, Oct. 20.

Fredrickson will be sharing his program, "Preserving Farm Heritage" before the annual FCHC meeting.

Richardson added, "He's from the Twin Cities area and he grew up somewhere rural. He's written a children's book series, including the one he'll feature during his presentation, 'A Farm Country Halloween,' about the Carlson kids trick or treating in their farm neighborhood."

She said he would also have pictures to show the audience from the farming past and illustrations from his books. He will also characterize the times and the farm activities of the 1950s and show how he gives his stories historical accuracy.

According to his website, Fredrickson has been writing and telling stories that are real-life adventures of adults and children on a small family farm in the year 1950.

He explained, "I write these stories to preserve our farm heritage in an entertaining way with humor, love and accuracy. I hope my stories may also be your stories or the stories of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. For children, these stories serve as adventures about farm kids as told by farm kids, and for adults, the stories serve as a nostalgic trip back to life the way it was, with all its hard work, imperfections, challenges and fun."

The author began writing his stories when he realized that rural Minnesota was giving way to urbanization.

He explained, "Soon, no remnants of the farming community would remain. What would be remembered about the people who lived in the small towns and on farms during the middle of the 20th century? Would their stories go untold? Would the 'truth' as told by city folks from publishing houses be fractured and diluted, or would the stories generated by the struggles by thousands of rural and small town Americans be simply ignored?"

From his realization that his imagination could serve as the solution for the loss of rural stories, he created two series of books for children and adults, "Farm Country Tales," and "If I Were a Farmer," engaging readers and listeners in tales based on actual events, small town and rural life, farm equipment and activities of the times.

All eight of Fredrickson's books will be available for purchase and autographing at the close of his program.

Richardson announced that Fredrickson's presentation is being sponsored by First State Bank of Fountain.

"We've been very big on presentations in the past year and a half because they bring in a lot of people who will be able to come to the presentation, then see the museum after," she explained. "We're also looking for sponsors of presentations - the bank will be the first, then we'd like the participation of others - any group that would like to sponsor a presentation can give us a call."

The Fillmore County History Center, located in the bend of the road leading into Fountain, will welcome Fredrickson on Saturday, Oct. 20, at 1 p.m., with coffee to follow, and the Fillmore County History Center's annual meeting and elections at 2:30 p.m.

For more information on Gordon Fredrickson, one may visit his website at www.gordonfredrickson.com. For more information on the Fillmore County History Center, call (507) 268-4449.