The Fillmore County Board of Commissioners convened last Tuesday, Oct. 23. Due to scheduling conflicts, no reporter from Bluff Country News was able to attend the meeting and therefore obtained the draft minutes after the meeting concluded.

Community Services director Beth Wilms, Veteran Services officer Jason Marquardt and Social Services manager Gail Bunge sat before the commissioners, who approved a resolution for a veteran services outreach grant in the amount of $2,298, and an elderly waiver contract with Oxford Property Management, LLC, as recommended by Wilms.

Greenleafton wastewater

Southeast Minnesota Wastewater Initiative representative Sheila Craig was present and shared information on the progress of the Greenleafton wastewater project. A public hearing for the formation of a subordinate service district was set for Nov. 13 at 10 a.m.

Next, Doug Trangsrud, of Stantec, arrived and Fillmore County Attorney Brett Corson presented information to the board regarding the proposed agreement with Stantec. Stantec will provide engineering services for the project for up to $123,224.95.

Medical examiner services

The county is working to establish medical examiner services, as its contract with the current medical examiner is ending due to her resignation and the county must make a change.

R. Ross Reichard, M.D., of the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner's office, explained his qualifications and experience as a forensic pathologist and cited experience in county medical examiner work in Olmsted and Dodge counties. He also introduced two medical examiner death investigators and pathologist assistants - Carrie Trower and Monica Kendall - who conduct investigations in Olmsted County.

Reichard will perform medical examiner duties for Fillmore County and give an annual report.

Furthermore, Mayo Clinic has created a death investigator position that will soon be posted for Fillmore County investigators. Sheriff Daryl Jensen said that he feels that the agreement with Mayo makes sense. A per capita rate for one year, paid quarterly, is $2.75. A motion passed accepting Mayo Clinic's medical examiner services.

Property to be tested

Corson reported on behalf of a committee that had been formed to review the need for testing a rural Mabel property, the former State Line Motel, for the manufacturing of methamphetamines.

Committee members proposed proceeding with the hope that an agreement could be reached with the landowner, one that would outline the county's options for cost recovery and limit its liability, but a counter agreement had been proposed by the owner's attorney, limited to testing costs and recovery only through property assessment.

Corson reminded the board to use the authority of the county's clandestine drug lab sites ordinance, which grants broad powers to collect testing and cleanup costs.

West Central Environmental Consultants were hired in an amended agreement, not to exceed $2,450. The agreement must be signed by Jensen and Corson, as well as county board chair Tom Kaase.

Human resources

Fillmore County Human Resources officer Kristina Kohn presented Lynette Grabau's resignation to retire from her job as a home health aide effective Nov. 1.

The board thanked Grabau for her years of service to the county, then approved home health aide Patricia Christian's resignation effective Sept. 18, thanking her for her service as well.

Kohn then spoke of the need for a full-time replacement office support specialist for the assessor's office, and applications from regular county employees will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. this Friday, Nov. 2, as the board chose to advertise in-house, and if nobody is chosen, the position will then be publicly advertised until Nov. 28.

In other personnel matters, building maintenance supervisor Terry Schultz related that a person was hired temporarily on a half-time basis to work in the sheriff's office, and the arrangement has worked well. The board approved the hire of John Dollar, temporary custodian, as a full employee, with credit granted toward his probationary year for the time he worked.

Schultz added that he will gather staffing recommendations for hiring a full-time position instead of several part-time positions once the highway project is completed.

Sheriff's office hires included increasing the sheriff dispatcher intermittent pool from three people to five, increasing the sheriff jailer intermittent pool from seven to nine people, hiring two additional intermittent jailers - John O'Donnell and Michael Ask, and hiring Samantha Keasling as a full-time dispatcher.

Additionally, county engineer John Grindeland was granted a paid leave of absence from Nov. 9 through Dec. 28, easing into retirement as the new engineer, Ronald Gregg, takes over the position.

Small items

• The board discussed the December meeting schedule. The commissioners will meet Dec. 11 and 18, with the possibility of holding a special meeting later. Commissioners' warrants may need to be dealt with on Jan. 9.

• The consent agenda included making payment of the fourth quarter SELCO appropriation of $51,611.75 in accordance with the SELCO agreement.

• The board approved payment of $6,097 for 2012 to Area Agency on Aging in accordance with a memorandum of understanding for long term care services as recommended by the community services director.

• The payment of the remainder of Kane & Johnson's invoice of $3,392.68 for professional services through Sept. 22, 2012, for the highway administration building remodel was approved.

• Deputy Lance Boyum was appointed as law enforcement alternate to replace Chief Deputy Sheriff Tony Webber on the Labor/Management Safety Committee.