The one-act cast represented Fillmore Central at the sectional competition on Saturday, Feb. 1, at St. Mary's University. The team finished in fourth place, concluding its season.
The one-act cast represented Fillmore Central at the sectional competition on Saturday, Feb. 1, at St. Mary's University. The team finished in fourth place, concluding its season.
Fillmore Central Dean of Students Chris Mensink briefed the school board on the recent activities of the students during the board meeting last Tuesday evening, Jan. 29.

During the week of Jan. 27 to Jan. 31, the elementary grades competed to see which grade could bring in the most Milk Moola, Box Tops and Our Family and Campbell's labels to help the school in the Milk Cap/Label Drive.

Mensink also noted the Aims Web Testing taking place this winter by the Title staff is now two-thirds completed. They have a mobile unit to smoothly transition from room to room. The results will return in a few weeks.

Mensink also congratulated the students for their excellent representation of Fillmore Central at the first Math Wizards meet on Jan. 13 at Kingsland. "Great job to all math Wizard participants and Mr. Rundquist. You represented Fillmore Central well!"

Wizard Quiz winners were Hannah Sorlie placing ninth, Jeremy O'Conner placing fourth and Hailey Lang placing sixth. The Individual Quiz winners included Caleb Kunz who placed tenth, Jeremy O'Conner who placed fifth and Kaylee Arndt who placed third. In the Team Quiz, the sixth grade team consisting of Kaylee Arndt, Kenedy Ristau, Jeremy O'Conner, Caleb Kunz and Liley Lange finished second.

There are usually three meets for the Math Wizards competition. The second was to take place on Monday, Jan. 27, with a back-up date as Tuesday, Jan. 28 at Spring Grove. Unfortunately, Spring Grove cancelled school on both days so the second meet is now considered a bye.

Jackie Whitacre organized the spelling bee this year. Mensink thanked her for all her hard work putting it together. This year's winners were Hadrian Williams finishing third, Michael Barrett placing second and Mikayla VanZande who placed first. Both Michael and Mikayla will be advancing to the Regional Bee in Rochester in February, representing Fillmore Central.

During his presentation, Mensink pointed out that the Fillmore Central Pre-School has achieved a four-star rating. Prior to this year, Fillmore Central Preschool had a rating of three out of four stars. Superintendent Richard Keith explained that to achieve four stars, a great deal of paperwork had to be completed and there was little incentive in past years to do so. However, due to new scholarship opportunities for four-star rated pre-schools, local staff has completed the necessary forms to achieve that rating.

Mensink reported, taking on his athletic director role, that the season for football in the 2015 school year is projected to begin on Aug. 10 with the first game on a normal scrimmage date. The football games will be changed to go a district route rather than conferences, allowing schools to play teams in the area rather than having to travel to play teams in a conference. Also, the state tournament that year will be a week sooner because of the opening of the new Vikings Stadium.

Mensink noted that the AAA winners of Fillmore Central, Nicholas Powell and Victoria Peterson and he congratulated them for their success. Mensink also announced Powell will be competing in the section level as he was named the male sub-section winner.

As for the Fillmore Central Booster Club and the Birds of Prey Booster Club, Mensink noted the two are reorganizing to join forces.

Mensink recognized Connor Hanson and Niko Anderson for both reaching their 100 career wins in wrestling. Both achieved this milestone during the school's own holiday tournament.

The One-Act play succeeded in advancing to the sectional competition as well. The competition took place in Winona on Saturday.

There are several dates for parents to consider for their schedules. February is "I Love to Read Month." The theme for this activity is "Olympics." On Feb. 14, the first grade has a VIP lunch planned. Since Feb. 17 is Presidents Day, there will be no school on that day. Parent and teacher conferences are scheduled for Feb. 24.