Fillmore County residents affected by recent flooding events are encouraged to access the following recovery resources:

American Red Cross: Call (507) 287-2200.

Salvation Army: Call the Preston Semcac Office at (507) 765-2761. If not available, call 1-877-357-2297.

Semcac: Call (507) 864-7741

Emergency assistance: For assistance with emergency housing, food support, or other potential services contact Fillmore County Social Services at (507) 765-2175.

Veteran Services: If you are a veteran in need of assistance, call the Veterans Service Office (507) 765-4937 option 3.

Cleanup and mold: Cleanup kits are still available through the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office, City of Lanesboro and City of Rushford. These kits from the Salvation Army include cleaning supplies and protective equipment. For questions about cleanup or mold, call Fillmore County Public Health at (507) 765-3898 or access the Minnesota Department of Health website at:

Water testing: Water testing kits for bacteria will be available until July 10, 2014, at no cost to residents with private wells. If you had flood water within 50 feet of your well, flood water covering your well head, or changes to the color and taste of your water, you should test your water. Kits are available at the Fillmore County Soil and Water Conservation District located at 900 Washington Street NW in Preston. Kits are accepted for testing Monday through Thursday. Call (507) 765-3878 option 3 for details.

Property assessments: Call the Fillmore County Assessor's Department at (507) 765-3868 to request a property assessment.

Agricultural land and stream bank damage: Flood damage to agricultural land, conservation practices, and stream banks should be reported to the Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) located at 900 Washington Street NW in Preston. Call 765-3878 extension 3 or email with location information, pictures and a description of the damages. Although it is unknown at this time whether or not funding will become available for repairs, SWCD is gathering the information to determine funding needs. It is important landowners document damages with initial pictures and pictures of emergency repairs that are done so that eligibility can be determined later if funding does become available.

Other flood information will be posted at