With three seats open on the Mabel-Canton School Board, incumbents Jane Hall and Mary Kuhn have refiled for their positions in addition to newcomers Jacob Hershberger, Dustin Tollefsrud and Mark Weidemann.

All five candidates were sent questionnaires by the News-Record and four of the candidates responded with their candidate profiles and outlining their views and priorities for the district. Tollefsrud did not respond.

Jane Hall is a food service director and the mother of Miria, Kerneth and Hannah. Mary Kuhn farms with her husband, Marvin, and is mother to Stephanie and Lindsey, who are both at college, and Mitchell, a ninth grader, and Ryan, a sixth grader. Jacob Hershberger is a self-employed truck driver, is married to Lizzie and they have four children. Mark Weidemann works for Precision Pipeline, LLC, and is married to Michelle Weidemann. They have two sons, Body, 5, and Chase, 2.

Jane Hall

1. I have served on the school board for the past six years and have a genuine interest in the Mabel-Canton School District. We have a good, solid building, great staff and great community support. A main goal of mine is to continue for Mabel-Canton to be a quality place of education with the best possible class offerings and opportunities for our students.

2. I will bring six years of experience to the board.

3. We will be hiring a new superintendent and business manager for our school. Both positions are very crucial for our school in these ever-changing times, with all the challenges smaller school districts face, we will need strong and smart leadership.

Jacob Hershberger

1. What has motivated me to file for office is because I have all four of my children enrolled at Mabel-Canton School. Therefore, I want to keep the school from combining with others.

2. One characteristic would be that I have owned and operated a successful business for over 14 years. In my business, I have made many financial and hiring decisions.

3. One of the upcoming issues that I feel needs to be addressed is that Chris Hansen is going to be retiring soon. I would proceed by hiring and choosing the right person to have her position, which will be difficult.

Mary Kuhn

1. I have been on the school board for 12 years. I have enjoyed working with the board in making decisions that I think are good for the school district, particularly for the kids. I know there are many challenges ahead, but I have the desire to keep fighting for a great education in our small school district. We have been very creative in making sure our kids get the best opportunities in the changing world of technology because it is a huge part of our children's future.

2. With being on the school board for as long as I have, I bring experience. The school is a business and with me making business decisions everyday with my husband on the farm, I feel I bring that business sense to the board.

3. We will be looking for a superintendent and a business manager. Because these are very important jobs, filling these two positions will be a big task to start off 2013. I believe the only reason anyone should run for the school board is to help improve and keep a good education for the kids, it's all about the kids!

Mark Weidemann

1. I was motivated to run for Mabel-Canton school board because I have two boys who will be part of the district and I want to make sure that they continue to receive a high level of education.

2. I believe my creativity would enable me to be a valuable member of the M-C school board. I am able to look at a situation from more then one perspective. I can then help with multiple ideas on how to solve the issue with it being fair and just to both sides.

3. The most pressing need in the district is the replacement of the superintendent and business manager. Both of these positions will be difficult to fill; but as a school board member I would stress the academic achievements the district has accomplished along with the fantastic support of the community to help bring in the right candidates to fill these positions.