Ole Andeas Dalsbø
Ole Andeas Dalsbø
Fillmore Central High School has a foreign exchange student from Norway this school year. Not surprisingly, he physically blends right in with the student population. Ole Andeas Dalsbø is a delightful 17-year-old, who wants all to know his name is pronounced "Ula," not Ole as in Ole and Lena Norse-American fame!

Ole is athletic and was part of the Falcon football team this fall, which explains the occasional "Ula...ooo la la!" chant from the student section.

Ole is looking forward to the basketball season and with a grin, he says he is hoping that he will earn some playing time. In Norway he has played basketball for the last five years.

Young Mr. Dalsbø comes to us from Råholt, Norway, which is a village about 30 minutes north-northeast of Olso. Ole says the population of Råholt is between 6,000 and 7,000 and is one of the main population centers in the municipality of Eidsvoll.

Wikipedia states that the municipality of Eidsvoll, in addition to being a commuter area for Olso, also has agriculture and forestry industries. Ole's parents are divorced; his family households consist of his mother and sister and his father, stepmother and three older step-sisters.

In Norway, Ole attended public schools. This year at Fillmore Central is being counted as his 11th grade so when he returns, Ole will still have one more final year of high school.

Ole is staying with Eric and Sue Ostrom in Fountain.

When asked why he wanted to spend this year in the United States, Ole responded that he grew up seeing American high schools on television and in the movies so it was a dream he had to travel and experience time in an American high school.

He has found it easy to find friends within the community, perhaps because he has great English language skills and a ready smile. He has been learning the English language in school since first grade.

Ole is looking forward to traveling in the United States as much as he can and is especially looking forward to the senior class trip to Washington, D.C.

Ole openly admitted he has had some homesickness, especially the first week after arrival but he has enjoyed his time here as he became more comfortable with the new experience.

When asked if he perhaps missed foods from home in Norway, his eyes lit up and he responded that he really liked the food here...but maybe, he did miss Norwegian meatballs and gravy.

Ole wants to thank the whole Fillmore Central community for being so open and welcoming to him. Fellow students have been very helpful and friendly.

He has had several folks tell him that he is welcome to their homes anytime. These things have made his time here a very positive experience.

Exchange student programs have goals to build positive relationships between people across borders all over the world. It is good to hear that goal is working here is the community as Ole gets to know more and more residents in the Preston and Harmony areas.