Stacy Nordsving didn't go looking for a change but it happened to be right in front of her. It was the end of November when Stacy stopped at It's New 2 U, a gently-used clothing store in Mabel, and on the way out, the owner Stephanie Liddiard mentioned to Stacy that the store would be closing on Dec. 1 and jokingly suggested, "Maybe you should take over!"

Stacy left the store and her wheels began to turn.

"I wanted more freedom!" She went on to explain, "I was frustrated with trying to take time off from work to attend my son's football games and other important events."

Darrin and Stacy's youngest son is finishing his junior year at Mabel-Canton.

"The kids have grown up and are moving on with their lives and having a husband working on the pipeline, I thought maybe it was time to do something for myself," she added.

The Transition

Once Stacy agreed to rent the basement from Stephanie, who owns the building and operates a salon on the upper level, Steph and Stacy talked strategy.

Steph had the used clothing store the previous year and suggested to Stacy that she should consign the clothing and not purchase the clothing. Stacy also shared her thoughts of adding home décor and crafts.

Stacy officially opened the doors on Jan. 15 and with three months under her belt she anticipates good things happening.

The Process

"Whether you bring in one item or seven tubs of clothing, you get a number," she said.

Stacy has put together a consignment agreement; an agreement to sell the gently used clothing on behalf of the previous owner.

She explained "It basically tells a person what will transpire while their clothes are here."

In a consignment business, the owner of the store and the previous owner of the property to be sold enter into an agreement stating that the store owner will sell the property in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds of the sale, with the rest of the money going to the original owner. The consignment agreement includes: the length of the consignment cycle, an explanation of what will happen with any of the unsold items, the percentage that each party will receive when the item is sold, and the payment procedure.

Once the consignment agreement is signed, the inventory sheet comes into play. The inventory sheet is an itemized database with each item numbered, given a brief description and, at that time, is given a price. The items are then ready to go.

Spring and summer merchandise is being accepted now through June 1.

Stacy stressed that "All clothing needs to be in good, clean condition with no stains and currently in style."


Steph also offered to sell the tanning bed to Stacy as well. Before agreeing to the purchase, Stacy wanted to check into insurance and guesstimate cash flow to cover her bases. Stacy offers tanning packages as well as extended hours from now until the end of May.

The Facts

It's New to You Boutique and Tanning is located at 118 South Main Street in the Split Endz Salon Building in Mabel.

The boutique features a wide variety of items, including children's clothing, name-brand jeans, shoes, handbags, baby supplies, maternity clothes and prom dresses - but that's not all. One will also discover home décor, crafts and repurposed items.

Stacy added, "If you don't find that special something that you want, bring in a photo or give me the details and I will do what I can to get it!"

Shoppers will find Stacy at the store Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. One can also reach Stacy at It's New to You Boutique and Tanning at (507) 450-1998.

Nordsving is using all resources and is providing regular posts on Facebook about extended hours, specials and new inventory photos.