Mabel Dollars are once again available for use at Mabel area businesses.

"We used to do it (offer Mabel Dollars) years ago and we just decided to promote shopping in Mabel and to use it as a promotion," said Diane Erickson, president of the Mabel Business Association. "People could get them if they wanted to give a thank you to somebody or a present for somebody - they could give them the Mabel Dollars."

The new Mabel Dollars became available this past Tuesday at four locations in Mabel: Larson Hardware, Mabel Flowers and Gifts, Mabel City Hall and Evangeline's and Krazy Kwilts.

Erickson stressed the fact that the new Mabel Dollars are available in any amount and are also available all year. "This year, now, it (the dollars) will be offered all year long...(and) you can use them at any business in town."

The Mabel Business Association is producing the dollars. "We've been getting new members in the business association and we always want new ideas...and somebody at the last meeting brought it up and we decided to go with it," she said.

Erickson added that the community currency is available to anyone for the face value of the bills, with no additional charges. The association hopes the Mabel Dollars will help promote local shopping.