The Mabel Public Library will be going back about a century and a half as it starts the new year. The library will be bringing the Minnesota Historical Society in to present the life of Charlie Goddard during a special program on Thursday, Jan. 9, at 9:45 a.m.

Goddard was a teen living in the frontier town of Winona during the Civil War era, according to the Minnesota Historical Society. The program being presented at the library will focus on Goddard's childhood in Winona, tensions leading to the start of the war in 1861, his experiences on the battlefield, his letters home and the impact of the Civil War, both nationally and in Minnesota.

"He (the presenter) tells about life at that time. He comes dressed in the Civil War uniform, and that sort of thing," said library director Donna Johnson. "We certainly want the public to be aware (of this) and come too."

Mabel-Canton history instructor Jessica Hahn-Miller hopes to bring the senior class to the program. "They (the seniors) go to Gettysburg this year on their senior class trip, so it would be a good continuation of information before they leave for their trip. It is a great opportunity...hopefully they have good information about the Civil war."

"I think this will be very informational and educational for anyone who would come, and a good start to our winter reads program," said Janice Welper of Friends of the Mabel Library. "If they are interested at all in the Civil War, this will be a great program."

The presentation is made possible through Legacy Funds and SELCO (Southeastern Library's Cooperating).