"There is something about trees, their stature and shade - they just provide more value to the property," said Mabel Public Works director Bob Mireau.

This is why the city of Mabel is offering to order trees for residents during a special "shade tree program" through May 20. Five varieties of trees are being offered, including burgundy belle maple, green mountain sugar maple, red northern oak, Red Splendor crabapple and the Korean Dwarf Lilac.

Mireau report the city does not have the trees at this time, but will order them from Village Farm and Home after all orders are in. Residents can order up to two trees per residence at a cost of $15 per tree.

Also, the city will inspect the area where the resident or landowner plans to place the tree. "Once the orders come in, we always ask that they put a stake in the lawn where they want the tree and then I'll go down and take a look at it just to verify that it is not directly under the power line, too close to the corner or street light or hydrant," Mireau added.

The city is paying the majority of the cost for the trees being offered, but there is no warranty, Mireau explained. "This way I felt that if three trees die, the only chance the homeowners take is in the $15 to pay for the planting and fertilizing."

If property owners in Mabel would like to order trees, they should call the Mabel city office at (507) 493-5299 or stop in at the city office, located at 201 South Main Street in Mabel.

"With trees there is energy efficiency - especially for cooling in the summer time. The other thing to consider is just the beatification...places with trees around them typically bring more money," Mireau concluded.