Karen Larson
Karen Larson
"Mabel is my home and I would like to see Mabel grow!" shared Karen Larson, Mabel's new city clerk. Larson began working for the city last summer as the deputy city clerk, but was recently promoted to city clerk when Jim Narum retired.

Karen Tweeten Larson grew up in Spring Grove, graduating from Spring Grove High School in 1998. The fall after her graduation she began attending Augsburg in Minneapolis. She graduated with a major in accounting and three minors - management and information systems, business administration and religion.

The transition

Once she graduated from Augsburg in 2002, Larson returned to Spring Grove. She was engaged to Russell Larson and was hired as a teller for Jennings Bank in Spring Grove.

She worked as a teller for the first year and then moved to a loan lending assistant for the remaining nine years she worked there. She worked at the bank as it changed hands from Jennings to Central to Merchants Bank.

Although Larson said she was comfortable with her position at the bank, she rose to the opportunity to apply for the deputy clerk/city clerk position in Mabel because of the hours.

"I enjoy the more convenient hours. I have more time to spend with my family," shared Larson. "The city clerk position is more what I went to school for."

Job description

Larson explained that her job description is more behind the scenes of city business. "I am responsible for the accounts payables, payroll, budgeting (balancing the books), and council meetings," she said.

The biggest challenge is learning and understanding everything associated with the wastewater treatment plant.

At home

Larson and her husband, Russell, are blessed with three children: Hayley, Jordan and Tyler.

When asked what Karen does in her spare time she replied, "What spare time? I don't know for sure what to say. During the winter Russell coaches the Spring Grove girls basketball team so we go to a lot of basketball games. During the fall Russell helps in the crow's nest during football games for Mabel-Canton, so we go to football games."

During the summer she is busy with her own children's T-ball, football, swimming lessons, Bible school and, of course, helping out with the Larson's drilling business in Mabel.

"So as you can tell, sports are a big interest in our house," Larson added. "We do enjoy spending time and making memories with family and friends. It's just hard sometimes with our busy schedules!"