Wade Hayes will be the headlining show at this year’s fundraiser for the Fillmore County Deputy Sheriff’s Association concert on Monday, Oct. 21.
Wade Hayes will be the headlining show at this year’s fundraiser for the Fillmore County Deputy Sheriff’s Association concert on Monday, Oct. 21.
The annual Fillmore County Deputy Sheriff's Association concert is set to welcome Nashville country artists Wade Hayes and Kalisa Ewing to the stage of Potter Auditorium in Chatfield on Monday, Oct. 21.

"This year, we have Wade Hayes with a full band, and Kalisa Ewing, an up and coming artist is opening for him. We're pretty excited to have them coming," said Fillmore County Deputy David Dyke.

The show raises money for scholarships for law enforcement students and also supports area post-prom parties, buys equipment and pays for training for officers.

"It helps offset the cost of things that taxpayers have to pay for," Dyke added.

In recent years, the association has hosted shows featuring Bryan White, Daryle Singletary, Exile, Collin Raye and last year, Billy Dean.

Dyke related, "We always get acts out of Nashville or Branson, Missouri, bona fide recording artists who have been in the business for a while."

According to his biography, Hayes was born in Bethel Acres, Okla., and made his Columbia Records debut in 1994 with his gold-certified album, "Old Enough to Know Better." His second album was "On a Good Night" and his third album, "When the Wrong One Loves You Right," was the last with Columbia Records as he left by 1999. A year later, he signed to the Monument Roster, where he released "Highways & Heartaches."

In 2003, he founded the duo McHayes with Alan Jackson's fiddle player, Mark McClurg. The duo charted one single on the country charts and recorded one unreleased album for the Universal South label, "Lessons in Lonely."

He joined the backing band for former Alabama lead singer Randy Owen in the late 2000s, and self-released "Place to Turn Around" in 2009.

In December 2011, he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Shortly after learning of his illness, he wrote the song "Is It Already Time," a ballad about his battle with the disease. He has been in remission since June 2012.

Hayes is headlining shows in Austin and Rochester before coming to Chatfield.

Nashville songwriter Kalisa Ewing will open for Hayes and she's excited to be on his tour. The Kingston Springs, Tenn., native aspired to become a singer and songwriter after spending her childhood writing poetry and receiving her first guitar at the age of 10.

She credited her late grandfather, whom she never met, for sparking her to pursue her dream, as he, a blind musician, had moved from Kansas to Nashville to pursue his own singing career.

"As far as I can remember, I've wanted to be a singer, even though there's not anybody in my family right now who's in music," she said in a phone interview. "They definitely encouraged me to pursue my dream of music."

Ewing added that at the age of 12, she won the right to open for Loretta Lynn at Lynn's Hurricane Mills, Tenn., ranch as part of the annual Loretta Lynn Talent Search.

"That was a dream come true, and 10 years later, it still encourages me to keep going," she commented.

Since signing with her manager, Todd Wilkes, and Kingspirit Music, she has been published with Universal Music Publishing group, including two singles for "the Kellys" - Kellie Pickler, who chose Ewing's "Where Did Your Love Go?" and Kelly Clarkson, who chose "Go On" - and has opened on the stage of the Grand Old Opry for Patty Loveless's 25th Opry membership anniversary.

She described her music as being "more like indie Americana singer Lucinda Williams' songs," songs that reflect her experiences and share "a positive inspiration for people."

Ewing said, "I love being onstage and hearing people laughing at songs I wrote that are supposed to be funny, or hearing that my song helped someone...I love the feedback I get when I'm done playing a show."

Dyke stated that the Sheriff's Association show provides "a great opportunity for people to get out for an evening and have fun, for people to come meet the officers who help with the show, the money goes for a good cause, and it's a great opportunity for local businesses to be focal point."

He also said, "A lot of the same people support us year after year, and it's great to see that. It lets us know that they have fun. And lots of new people have joined us...anybody who's never been to the show should come and see what it's about. It's really good, a fun evening."

The Fillmore County Deputy Sheriff's Association Show is slated for Monday, Oct. 21, at 7 p.m. at Potter Auditorium in Chatfield. Doors open at 6 p.m.

To order advance tickets, call the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office at (507) 765-3874. Tickets are also available at the door, and cost is $25 per person.

For more information on Wade Hayes, log onto www.wadehayes.com, and for more information and a sample of Kalisa Ewing's music, log onto www.kalisaewing.com and download a free mp3 of her song, "Whatever."