The Fillmore County Relay for Life committee will be holding its first captains' meeting to plan for the 2014 Relay on Monday, Nov. 4, at 6:30 p.m. in the Relay for Life Room in Harmony's community center.

This year's theme is Up, Up and Away . . . with Cancer! The Relay will be held at the community center, the same location as last year's event, on Friday, July 11. The fundraising goal has been set at $128,000.

During the captains' meeting on Monday, chairmen Sue Sikkink and Lavonne Mensink will be giving out the awards and yard signs from the results of the 2013 Relay for Life. If a captain cannot attend the meeting, send a representative from the team.

Also, if one would like to start a team, volunteer or get more information about the Relay, they are welcome to attend this meeting as well.

The chairs will also go over a few new rules, hand out important sheets of information and share the plans that have already been put together.

Sikkink explained that she and Mensink would also like to learn about all the plans the teams have developed for the 2014 relay.

"Communicating with each other is a key element in making the 2014 Relay the best ever. Please come and share your ideas and wisdom on what works for you and your team for fundraising for the Fillmore County Relay for Life," she said.

Team captains are being encouraged to sign up their teams on the website before the meeting if they can. The new website is and it just takes a few minutes.

"The info will come up to help speed the registration along if you were signed up last year," Sikkink said. "As soon as you sign up your team, inform your team members to get signed up. Remind them that they can only be given individual credit if they are signed up online. If they are not signed up, we will give their team the credit under 'team gifts' for any donations they turn in."

Sikkink and Mensink once again voiced their gratitude for all of the contributions, for the team captains and their teams for providing time, talents and heart to the Fillmore County Relay for Life.

"We appreciate all your support for always meeting our county goal, so get signed up, start fundraising and have fun helping Fillmore County fight back and help cancer go 'Up, Up and Away!'"