Running for city council positions in Mabel this year are, from left, Laura St. Mary, Carl Westby and Kirsten Wyffels. Not shown, but also included on the ballot are Jeff Rein, Darrell Peterson and Davey Peterson.
Running for city council positions in Mabel this year are, from left, Laura St. Mary, Carl Westby and Kirsten Wyffels. Not shown, but also included on the ballot are Jeff Rein, Darrell Peterson and Davey Peterson.
Seeking a seat on the Mabel City Council this year are incumbents Kirsten Wyffels and Kris Nolte as well as Carl Westby, Darrell Peterson, Jeff Rein, Davey Peterson and Laura St. Mary.

The News-Record sent questionnaires to all of the candidates, but received only three back to include in the election coverage. Wyffels, Westby and St. Mary provided candidate profiles and shared their views and priorities for the city of Mabel.

Laura St. Mary is a business owner in the city of Mabel.

Carl Westby is a sprinkler fitter. He is married to Stephanie and they have one child, Kaylin.

Kirsten Wyffels is a family nurse practitioner. She and her husband, Doug, have two children, Drew, 11, and Lauren, 9.

Laura St. Mary

1. I'm running for Mabel City Council to learn how the town functions on all levels in order to help keep it viable, sustainable and prosperous into the foreseeable future.

2. I'm involved in the community - over the years and currently being an active member in different organizations and activities.

3. A top priority is the basic services provided regarding water/sewer, electric, street repairs, etc., and how to keep them affordable.

4. How to promote Mabel positively for its housing, residents, standard of living, quality education - those things we already have and then to build on them by working to revive Main Street.

Carl Westby

1. Watching so many businesses close in the last few years has really made me want to help this community. With so many young people moving to town, I see so much potential for our town to grow.

2. Motivation. I like to get things done. Once I start something, I make sure to see it through until it is finished.

3. I would try to keep and maintain sewer, water and electricity at low rates without increases and keep taxes down.

4. I would like to repair and replace the sewer lines that were damaged during the last flood and help promote new businesses and work with the EDA to establish new businesses and ideas.

Kirsten Wyffels

1. It has been an honor to serve as a council member for the city of Mabel for the last eight years. I have also served on the EDA for eight years. I want to continue to work together to promote Mabel as a great community to live in and a safe and nurturing place to raise a family. We need to strive to keep a positive focus on our small community to promote growth and vitality especially for our schools and local businesses. Currently, I am working on the grocery store committee in an effort to reopen a grocery store downtown. This would continue to be my number one priority. It is crucial that we continue to support local businesses and organizations for the quality of life of our community.

2. Commitment. Being born and raised in the Mabel area, I have a great sense of pride and commitment to keep this community positive and moving forward. Four generations of my family live in Mabel from my 91-year-old grandfather to my 9-year-old daughter. Each generation has its own needs from the community, therefore I am dedicated to help care for the community needs for all ages.

3. We need to continue to deliver quality services to our residents in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Whether this is our upcoming sewer and water project, including street repair, or our revitalization and investment of our downtown, we need to continue to invest in our community and help promote growth. We need to continue to think creatively to identify new revenue sources to finance these projects.

4. One issue is revitalizing our downtown and supporting local businesses, including partnering with the EDA and our grocery store committee to reopen a grocery store downtown Mabel and to work to support our established businesses. But this cannot be the city's issue and responsibility alone. As a community, we need to shop local and engage citizens to work together to strengthen the pride in our community. We need to continue to make Mabel a great place to live!