The Fillmore Central School Board was to have accepted resignations from two teachers, as well as other personnel changes during its March 27 meeting (held after this newspaper went to press that same day).

Both Jane Montgomery and Diane Hadoff have sent letters sharing the intention of each to retire at the end of this year. Montgomery has taught at Harmony and Fillmore Central for 35 years. Hadoff taught one year in Sioux Falls, S.D., 12 years in Lanesboro and the past 22 years at Fillmore Central.

The board also was to have looked at posting boys' basketball coach positions, with both head coach Heath Olstad and Keith Larson indicating they no longer wished to coach the sport.

For an update on softball and baseball, the agenda for the board meeting noted both baseball and softball will use four coaches. For baseball it listed 20 to 22 seventh and eighth graders and 28 in high school grades. For softball it listed 22 seventh and eighth graders and 19 in high school.

The board was expected to address a request from cheerleader coach Melissa Kiehne regarding a plan for cheerleading in the next school year. She suggested just having a squad cheer at football games, noting that during basketball there was little floor space in which to cheer and also it got to be too much for the girls.

The board was to have received a report on Mark Scheevel's purchase of a new narrow band radio system for the buses the district uses, as well as looking into purchasing two such radios for the office and sharing in a new repeater.