Lynn Mensink, at left, and Deb Swenson are running unopposed for Harmony City Council.
Lynn Mensink, at left, and Deb Swenson are running unopposed for Harmony City Council.
Current Harmony City Council member Deb Swenson is seeking reelection in next Tuesday's general election. She will be joined on the ballot by Lynn Mensink, a newcomer to the city office. The two are running unopposed.

Deb Swenson works at Harmony Foods and at On the Crunchy Side. She is the mother of two grown children, Aubrey and her husband, Rod, and Cory and his significant other, Krista. She is also the grandmother to Dacoda, Raen and Dream.

Lynn Mensink works at Semcac Outreach and Emergency Services and Fillmore County Food Shelf in Preston. She is married to Jay and they have two children, J.J. and Leah, and three grandchildren.

Deb Swenson

1. I enjoy being involved in the community. I have served on the council for four years and it has been a tremendous learning experience. I am also on the zoning board and the EDA board.

2. I feel that I am good listener when presented with information. I work in a unique position that makes me available on a regular basis to the members of our community.

3. Spending is always of great concern. Our council needs to have control over spending on items that may be able to wait given our current economy. Maintaining our infrastructure is of extreme importance, but sometimes things break down and we have to address the costs at that time, which requires spending that is not always planned. We have a beautiful town and we need to keep it that way. I feel we all need to take a more active role in our local government

4. A high priority for me serving on the council is to keep our taxes affordable. We want to be and stay a community that people want to live in and operate businesses.

Lynn Mensink

1. I am running for city council to become more involved, to not stand on the sidelines any longer. Harmony has been a great place to live and raise a family and I would like to see that continue. I also had a lot of encouragement from friends to run.

2. I am fair-minded - everyone should be given an equal opportunity to participate in programs. New rules should not be made for the few.

3. Our priority should be to use taxpayers' money wisely and be accountable on all levels for where and what the money is being spent for. Another priority is for the safety of every individual using our streets and roadways.

4. We need to continue to use city businesses for projects and purchases to help them prosper and grow and to make living in Harmony more attractive for young families.