Keyser Wenthold steals third base beneath the tag attempt of Houston’s Christian Sires. The swift Mabel-Canton junior had a pair of stolen bases during this trip around the diamond and has swiped 14 bases in 10 games so far this baseball season. EPPS/NEWS-RECORD
Keyser Wenthold steals third base beneath the tag attempt of Houston’s Christian Sires. The swift Mabel-Canton junior had a pair of stolen bases during this trip around the diamond and has swiped 14 bases in 10 games so far this baseball season. EPPS/NEWS-RECORD
The Cougar baseball team played five games in as many days last week, traveling to Houston, Rochester and Stewartville.

At Houston

M-C 021 000 4 - 7 5 6

Hou 030 010 2 - 6 8 7

Mabel-Canton bunted its way into the lead in the final inning on Monday, May 5, then held on as two Houston scores left the Hurricanes one run short.

With no outs in that final frame, Cougar catcher Noah Manning threw out the potential tying run at third base. That foiled steal attempt surely kept the game from going into extra innings.

M-C had erased a 4-3 deficit with four runs in the seventh. With three Houston errors and a walk, there was only one hit in that rally. A bunt single by Tannor Fairchild in a suicide squeeze play scored Keyser Wenthold who broke for home on the pitch to tie the score. Another suicide squeeze followed on a bunt by Wes Richert scored Jon Selness for a 5-4 Cougar lead. With one out, a third bunt from Weston Whalen scored Fairchild. Then, a ground out allowed Richert to score for a 7-4 lead.

Then a pair of Houston hits, two stolen bases and two Cougar errors made it a one-run game again with no one out and the tying run on second base. But Manning caught the runner stealing and relief pitcher Collin O'Bieglo retired two of the final three Houston batters.

With a total of 13 errors, it was not artistic, but it was exciting.

Hurricane lead-off hitters reached base five times as the 'Canes out-hit M-C eight to five, including all three extra-base hits. But Houston left 10 runners on base. With the score tied in the fourth inning, the hosts had the bases loaded with nobody out - and did not score.

The lone Cougar with multiple hits was Fairchild who batted three-for-four. Hurricanes Christian Sires and Dylan Lee each hit 2 for 4 with two doubles and one double respectively.

Tyler Hoskins pitched only one-third inning but took the loss during the Cougar bunting exhibition. In his varsity mound debut, Whalen went six innings to earn the pitching win.

M-C went ahead 2-0 in the second inning, quickly fell behind, 3-2, and then quickly tied the score in the third inning. That tie held for two innings until Houston edged ahead with an unearned run in the fifth.

Monday's game evened the season series against Houston with the visiting team taking both wins.

LOB: MC 7, Hou 10

Stolen bases: MC 6, Hou 7

Pitchers - M-C:

(WP) Whalen 6 IP, 6R (3 ER) 7H, 3K, 4W, 1HB

O'Bieglo 1 IP, 0R, 1H, 1K, 1W

Pitchers - Hou:

Drake 6 IP, 3R (0 ER) 4H, 5K, 3W

(LP) T. Hoskins 0.1 IP, 4R (1 ER) 1H, 0K, 1W

Lee 0.2 IP, 0R, 0H, 1K, 0W

Extra-base hits: M-C none, Hou 3 doubles

Hits - MC: Fairchild 3-4, RBI, run; Selness 1-3, run, sb; Manning 1-4, run, sb; (Richert RBI; Michels RBI; Wenthold run, 2sb; Frederickson run)

Hits - Hou: Sires 2-4, 2 dbl; Lee 2-4, dbl, RBI, run, 3sb; Scheck 10-2, RBI, run; B. Hoskins 1-3; Johnston 1-3, run, sb; Jergenson 1-4, run, sb; (Drake 2 runs, 2sb

At Schaeffer Academy

M-C 302 70 -12 12 2

SA 000 10 - 1 1 0

On Tuesday, May 6, the Cougars traveled to Rochester to take on Schaeffer Academy. Collin O'Bieglo pitched a one-hitter, while striking out five and walking none. All nine in the Cougar batting order had base hits. Five had runs batted in, and eight different Cougars scored. Wes Richert batted two-for-four with a double while driving in four runs. O'Bieglo helped too, going two-for-four. Keyser Wenthold had three stolen bases.

Schaeffer scored their lone run with an error, a stolen base and a sacrifice fly. The final was 12-1.

LOB: MC 7, SA 2

Stolen bases: MC 8, SA 1

Pitcher - M-C:

(WP) O'Bieglo 5 IP, 1R (0 ER) 1H, 5K, 0W

Pitcher - SA:

(LP) Kaufman 4 IP, 5R (5 ER) 7H, 1K, 2W, 1HB

Hunskor 1 IP, 7R (7 ER) 4H, 0K, 5W, 1HB

Extra-base hits: M-C double, SA none

Hits - MC: Richert 2-4, dbl, 4RBI; O'Bieglo 2-3, sb; Manning 1-1, 2 runs; Fairchild 1-2, RBI, 2 runs, sb; Whalen 1-3, run, 2sb; Selness 1-3, RBI, 2 runs, sb; Michels 1-3, RBI; Marlow 1-4, RBI; Wenthold 1-4, 2 runs, 3sb; (Frederickson run, Battress run)

Hits - SA: Hunskor 1-1

Schaeffer Academy, game 2

M-C 174 011 - 14 13 3

SA 200 200 - 4 7 4

In the second game of the day, down 2-1, M-C took control with a seven-run second inning, then coasted to a 14-4 victory.

Wenthold had a four-for-five game at the plate with two runs batted in. Bryce Michels went three-for-three with a double, and scored four runs. Tannor Fairchild (two-for-three) and Manning each had a double with two RBIs.

Richert pitched all six innings to earn the win.

The defensive gem of the game was a Cougar double play that began in center field. Manning also made two outstanding foul ball catches during the doubleheader, one while sliding into the wall behind home plate.

The Lions made the most of seven hits. They put two together to take a 2-1 lead in the first. They crowded three hits into the fourth for two more runs.

The second and third wins of the season against the Lions kept the Cougars in the conference race. Lyle/Pacelli (6-1 SEC), with two tight double-header wins over Houston, stayed a game ahead of M-C (5-2 SEC) atop the league ladder.

LOB: MC 6, SA 6

Stolen bases: MC 4, SA 1

Pitcher - M-C:

(WP) Richert 6 IP, 4R (2 ER) 7H, 2K, 2W

Pitcher - SA:

(LP) Lahr 5 IP, 13R (11 ER) 11H, 2K, 6W

Gora 1 IP, 1R (0 ER) 2H, 1K, 0W

Extra-base hits: M-C 3 doubles; SA triple, double

Hits - MC: Wenthold 4-5, 2RBI, 2 runs, 2sb; Michels 3-3, dbl, 4 runs, sb; Fairchild 2-3, dbl, 2RBI, run; Selness 2-5, 2RBI, 2 runs; Manning 1-4, dbl, 2 RBI; Richert 1-4; (Marlow RBI, run; Whalen run, sb; O'Bieglo 2 runs; Peterson run)

Hits - SA : Vaughan 2-3, dbl;, RBI; Kaufman 1-4, trpl, RBI, sb: Hunskor 1-3, sac; Gora 1-2; Hershey 1-3, RBI; Fiek 1-3

Versus Houston (at Stewartville Tourney)

M-C 0 0 0 1 5 4 0 - 10 11 0

Hou 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 - 2 5 5

The Cougars played Houston during the Stewartville Tournament on Saturday, May 9.

Riley Marlow went the distance striking out five to pick up the pitching win in his first varsity appearance on the mound.

Scoreless through the first three innings, M-C tied it with one run in the fourth before erupting with five-hits, five-runs in the fifth. In the next inning, the Cougars used two hits to take advantage of five walks for four more runs and a 10-1 lead.

Eight Cougars had base hits on a cold, windy day. Bryce Michels (2 RBI) and Jon Selness each hit two-for-three while Keyser Wenthold went two-for-five. The big blow was a double from Collin O'Bieglo (one-for-two, 2 RBI).

For Houston, Jeremiah Johnson hit two-for-three.

LOB: MC 10, Hou 3

Stolen bases: MC 4, Hou 1

Pitchers - M-C:

(WP) Marlow 7 IP, 2R (2 ER) 5H, 5K, 3W

Pitchers - Hou:

(LP) T. Hoskins 4.1 IP, 6R (5 ER) 8H, 6K, 3W

Drake 0.2 IP, 0R, 0H, 0K, 0W, 1HB

Jergenson 0.2 IP, 4R (4 ER) 1H, 0K, 5W

Johnson 1.1 IP, 0R, 2H, 0K, 0W

Extra-base hits: M-C double, Hou double

Hits - MC: Michels 2-3, 2RBI; Selness 2-3, run; Wenthold 2-5, run, sb; O'Bieglo 1-2, dbl, 2RBI; Fairchild 1-3, RBI, 2 runs, sb; Manning 1-3, run, sb; Richert 1-4, 2RBI, run; Marlow 1-4; (Frederickson run; Whalen RBI, sb)

Hits - Hou: Johnson 2-3, run; Drake 1-2, dbl; Krenzke 1-2; Lee 1-3, run, sb.

Versus Stewartville

M-C 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 2 3 1

Stw 1 2 1 1 0 1 0 - 6 7 4

Mabel-Canton met up with Stewartville in the championship game of the tournament on Saturday.

M-C scored two runs on two hits while Stewartville scored six times on six hits.

Both Cougar scores came in the opening inning while the Class AA Tigers scored in every inning but one. Two of the first three M-C batters scored (without a hit), but no other Cougars advanced past second base thereafter.

Tigers Max Runkie and Adam Gehling combined to pitch the two-hitter while recording nine strikeouts.

Wes Richert had a two-out single for M-C in the third and Noah Manning singled and stole second base in the seventh. The game ended with two strikeouts.

The host team had advanced to the title game with an 8-2 semi-final win over Goodhue. The Wildcats came back to defeat Houston 21-2 in the third-place game.

The Cougars take a 6-4 record into the final week and half of the regular season.

LOB: MC 8, Stw 5

Stolen bases: MC 2, Stw 2

Pitchers - M-C:

(LP) O'Bieglo 2 IP, 3R (3 ER) 3H, 0K, 1W

Richert 2 IP, 2R (2 ER) 3H, 1K, 1W

Manning 2 IP, 1R (1 ER) 1H, 1K, 2W

Pitchers - Stw:

(WP) Runkie 4 IP, 2R (2 ER) 1H, 4K, 4W

Gehling 3 IP, 0R, 1H, 5K, 0W, 1HB

Extra-base hits: M-C none, Stw 2 doubles

Hits - MC: Manning 1-4, run, 2sb; Richert 1-4, RBI (Michels RBI; Wenthold run)

Hits - Stw: Wieck 2-3, dbl, 2RBI; Nordine 1-2, run; Herman 1-3, dbl, run; Felt 1-2, sb; Runkie 1-3, run; (Svoboda run; Burton run; McGuire sac; Hickman sac)

SEC Baseball (May 14)

Lyle/Pacelli 8-1 (10-5 season)

Mabel-Canton 5-4 (6-6 season)

Houston 2-6 (2-9 season)

Schaeffer Academy 1-5 (3-8 season)