The Fillmore Central football team finished the 2012 season with an overall record of 2-7, 2-6 in the regular season and 1-4 in the Three Rivers-South. The Falcons got their two wins against Wabasha-Kellogg (6-0) and Kingsland (45-27). The guys' season came to an end with a playoff loss to Rushford-Peterson, 21-7.

Offensively, the leading rusher on the team was senior Dan Gatzke. Gatzke carried the ball 128 times and picked up 769 yards, averaging 6.0 yards/carry. Senior Devon Block was second on the team with 264 yards, on 65 'touches', for an average of 4.1 yds/carry. Junior Tom Henry 'came on' later in the season and picked up 137 yards (25 carries) and an average of 5.5 yds/carry. Freshman Tyson Ristau had the best average, 7.9 yds/carry, but only got eight carries for 63 yards. Others getting an opportunity to carry the ball were senior Brandon Breitsprecher (38 carries/-38 yards, -1.0/carry), junior McKinnen Stone (34/90, 2.6), junior Logan Masters (3/19, 6.3), sophomore Bryce Whitehill (3/5, 1.7) and sophomore Gatlin Woellert (1/4, 4.0). As a team Fillmore Central averaged 4.3 yards per carry, 1,313 yards on 305 attempts.

Brandon Breitsprecher did the majority of the passing, connecting of 50 of 123 passes, for 484 yards, four touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Also throwing the ball were Dan Gatzke (0/2), McKinnen Stone (0/8, 2 INT) and Bryce Whitehill (3/12, 24 yds, 1 INT). There was one other pass reception that was not assigned to any specific Falcon player. As a team FC was 54/146, 528 yards, 4 TD's and 14 INT.

Leading receivers were Dan Gatzke (14 catches/158 yds), Andrew Coyle (9/113) and Logan Masters (8/104). Rounding out the receptions were Devon Block (7/58), Nick Ebner (1/8), McKinnen Stone (4/10), Collin Bennett (5/46), Tom Henry (3/21) and Tyson Ristau (1/1). Two receptions for nine yards were not assigned to any Falcon player.

Leading the Falcon defense in combined tackles (solo and assisted) were Jake Ristau (89, 27 solo), Nick Ebner (69, 26 solo), Dan Gatzke (54, 23 solo), Devon Block (53, solo leader with 35) and McKinnen Stone (47, 16 solo). Others included Andrew Coyle (35, 15 solo), Andy Love (33, 12 solo), Tom Henry (29), Logan Masters (29, 18 solo), Dylan Birch (27), Clay Fishbaugher (16), Chris Collett (15), Brandon Breitsprecher (14), Tyson Ristau (13), Bryce Whitehill (12), Jake Tammel (11). Also, Will McKernan, Mitch Ristau, Ascher Ostrom, Dalton Mart, Collin Bennett and Jordan Miller. Actual numbers were shown for those in double-digits, and double-digit solos. Dan Gatzke (12), Andrew Coyle (11) and Nick Ebner (10) were the leaders in tackles for losses. Devon Block led the team with five interceptions. Brandon Breitsprecher and Logan Masters each had two INT's. Fumble recoveries were recorded by Andy Love (2), Devon Block, Andy Coyle, Jake Ristau and Dylan Birch.

Special teams....Punting; Devon Block, 47/28.5....Punt returns; Logan Masters, 9/7.1; McKinnen Stone, 1/0.0; and Andy Coyle, 1/8.0.......Kickoff returns; Block, 14/17.5; Masters, 12/16.8; Jordan Miller, 5/9.4; Collett (1/0.0), Gatzke (2/10.0), Coyle (1/0.0), and Stone (3/21.7).