For the second straight year, Spring Grove is perched atop the Southeast Conference all-sports championship ladder. But for the first time in 11 years, there is a tie with Houston also sharing the top rung for school year 2012-2013. Grand Meadow, however, fielded the only SEC team that advanced to the state tournament.

Houston and Spring Grove each achieved two complete SEC overall titles. The Lions actually won three crowns, but the basketball championships count only as half a title each since both are division rather than overall conference championships.

HOUSTON which also took the top honor in 2009, is back this year with a ninth softball crown (four outright, five shared) in the last 17 years. The Hurricanes also claimed a third straight boys golf championship - their fourth in the last five years. The Hurricane boys have also won back-to-back SEC Tournament titles

SPRING GROVE achievement is noteworthy considering the Lions compete in only four SEC races, and for three straight years, have won championships in three - football, girls basketball and boys basketball. In its fourth SEC race, SG was division runner-up in volleyball.

The Lion girl cagers ran their SEC winning streak to 72 games while securing a fourth straight East Division title. The basketball boys have won six of the past seven SEC East championships. SG shares nine other sports with Caledonia in the Three Rivers Conference.

There is a legitimate case for Grand Meadow when considering football supremacy. The Superlarks dropped their SEC gridiron game against SG but later defeated the Lions in the section finals. The Superlarks advanced all the way to the state championship game, finishing as state runner-up.

In the all-sports tabulation, LYLE/PACELLI and Lanesboro tied for third with one and a half championships each. The Athletics took the top spot in baseball for the second straight season and earned a half-title with the West Division crown in girls basketball.

LANESBORO has received the most all-sports acclaim, winning four of these 11 unofficial overall tabulations since the SEC became an exclusively small-school league in 2003.

In 2012-'13, the Burros won girls golf for the eighth straight year. The Burro boys earn a half-title while sharing with Fillmore Central a seventh straight boys track and field championship. The L/FC boys are unmatched winning 20 of 21 SEC boys track titles.

Tied for fourth are LEROY-OSTRANDER and GRAND MEADOW who both share track with Southland; GM/L-O/S claimed a seventh consecutive girls track crown. L-O also has a half-title winning SEC West volleyball, the Cardinals' sixth straight net title. Likewise, GM won boys basketball in the SEC West.

MABEL-CANTON continued to dominate SEC East volleyball, the Cougars' 15th straight net championship.

Sharing in the 10 SEC championships were seven of the 10 loop members, all but the three newest - Glenville-Emmons, Hope Lutheran and Schaeffer Academy.

Most members also participate in shared programs that compete in other conferences. Those championships were not considered in these tabulations.

While Spring Grove competes in the fewest SEC races by far (4), Lyle/Pacelli enters nine of a possible 10 SEC sports. Lanesboro, LeRoy-Ostrander and Houston compete for eight SEC crowns.

When there are fewer than 10 teams in a sport, SEC standings are kept in one group with one champion. When all 10 teams compete in a sport, standings are kept in two divisions with two division champions but no overall titleholder. In volleyball, the two division champions play at the end of the regular season, but it is considered a showcase with no championship at stake.

In tabulating, a West or East Division championship counts as half a title (basketball, volleyball) as does tying for a full conference championship and a championship by a team in a two-school shared program (boys track).

A tri-championship counts as a third of a title as does a championship shared by three-schools (GM/L-O/S in girls track).

SEC Championships '12-'13

(Inside parentheses are numbers of SEC sports in which each member participates)

Spring Grove (4) 2.0 titles (1 football, 1/2 girls BB, 1/2 boys BB)

Houston (8) 2.0 titles (1 softball, 1 boys golf)

Lyle/Pacelli (9) 1.5 titles (1 baseball, 1/2 girls BB)

Lanesboro (8) 1.5 titles (1 girls golf, 1/2 boys track)

LeRoy-Ostrander (8) 0.8 title (1/2 volleyball, 1/3 girls track)

Grand Meadow (7) 0.8 titles (1/2 boys BB, 1/3 girls track)

Mabel-Canton (7) 0.5 titles (1/2 volleyball)

Past all-sports winners

Beginning competition in school year 1991-1992, the SEC became an exclusively small-school league in 2002-2003.

'02-'03 LeRoy-Ostrander

'03-'04 Spring Grove

'04-'05 Mabel-Canton

'05-'06 Lanesboro

'06-'07 Lanesboro

'07-'08 Lanesboro

'08-'09 Houston

'09-'10 Lanesboro

'10-'11 Glenville-Emmons

'11-'12 Spring Grove

'12-'13 S. Grove & Houston