Due to the wet weather with rain in most of Minnesota and even some snow forecast for earlier this week in the Arrowhead region, the Minnesota State High School League has decided to permit a relaxation of rules requiring complete seven-inning baseball and softball games.

The MSHSL board has approved allowing schools to schedule five-inning doubleheaders for baseball and softball.

"The weather continues to be an issue and we have teams in the northern part of the state that have yet to get outside," stated a note distributed to MSHSL members. "We would ask that this provision only be used as necessary and is being done to assist those in areas where few, if any games have been played. Umpires will also be notified of this change.

"Eventually the sun will shine, temps will warm, fields will dry - hopefully in enough time to allow our students to have most if not all of their events," the note ended optimistically.

This is the second year in a row that wet weather has significantly impacted spring sports in Minnesota.