My "rate of pay" is getting better as the weather continues to postpone contests. This week I have one track meet, one softball game and one baseball game to report about, from my 16 teams at Kingsland, Chatfield and Fillmore Central. Change that, I just picked up a couple more softball games from Chatfield.

A few really nice, early season performances, by some of the Kingsland tracksters at Winona last week. Lacey Schwartz got a second place (13.71 seconds) in the 100-meter dash. There were nine heats of this particular event, 59 times (runners) and our freshman took the silver medal. Nice job Lacey! She also took ninth in the 400-meter run. Marissa Bornholdt scored points for the Lady Knights with a seventh (69.91) place finish in the 400m. Erica Earley was fourth in the 1600-meter run, with an early season time of 6:02.68. DeAngilo Funches was 15th out of 64 runners in the boys 100m dash. He was third in the long jump with a jump of 19'2.5"...nice leap DeAngilo! Cody Krahn, an eighth grader, broke 60 seconds, 58.50, in the 400m dash. Fourteen teams competed in the meet at Winona.

Sounds like we're supposed to get a break in the weather by the end of the week. We could see 60 degrees by Friday, or Saturday. When I was down in Texas somebody asked me what I do in the spring in Minnesota. I told them, "if it falls on a Sunday, I usually go for a ride!"

I'm sure you've had enough of the Boston Marathon bombings. It doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is that 12 years have gone by since the twin towers incident. I don't think with all the unrest in the world that we've seen the end of the terror, in the US of A, either.

I "segue" into an incident that happened to me several years ago when I was doing my graduate work at Winona State. I was taking some summer school classes to finish up my specialist and every night I would go down the TV room and watch the news. This was at the time of the Iran hostage situation and Ted Koppel would come on and say...this is day 122 (or whatever) of the Iran hostage crisis. Besides myself, the audience consisted of about 30 to 40 students from a variety of countries, mostly from the Middle East. When Koppel would say, Day 122 of the hostage crisis, they would cheer. This was very disturbing to me, but I wouldn't say anything, until about two weeks in the session. Finally I cornered one of the students, who was from a Middle Eastern country. I said to him, "why are you here, you hate America..." He said, and I've never forgotten this..."you have the best schools in the world. You teach us everything we need to know." You interpret those statements however you wish...I felt anger, and terror, and the statements have stayed with me for all these years!

Time to go....just heard that the FC/L baseball game with Chatfield has been postponed...will check and see if anything is going to be played today. Have a great day at a time. WEB