The weather continues to play a major role in the 2014 baseball season. So far, because of the weather, schools have been forced to make postponements and reschedule games, costing the Fillmore Central/Lanesboro baseball team games with Houston, Mabel-Canton, Lyle/Pacelli and Schaeffer Academy.

"If we get a decent Saturday, maybe we should bring in a bunch of teams and just play some games. We need to play," said FC/L coach Keith Larson.

And even though the "raindrops have been falling on their heads," the team did manage to get in a couple of games, but both ended up with losses. Last week the Falcons lost to Wabasha-Kellogg (10-0) and Southland (7-2).

The W-K game ended in 4-1/3 innings with the northern Falcons winning 10-0. Josh Jones started on the mound for FC/L. Jones gave up 10 runs (eight earned), seven hits and five walks, while striking out six. Kiel Larson faced two batters in relief, walking one and giving up one hit.

At the plate, the Falcons could only come up with one hit, a single in the fifth inning by Gatlin Woellert. The only other base runners for FC/L came on walks to Larson, Nick Mensink and Kirby O'Connor. That fifth inning was the only time the Falcons threatened to score, with Mensink advancing to third and Woellert getting to second before the inning ended.

"The W-K game was a replay of a lot of last year's games," said Larson. "A slow start, have a couple of errors and then watch it snowball.

"We took too many strikeouts," he added. "We need to put pressure on their defense and the only way to do that is get on base." FC/L batters struck out 10 times, four of them looking.

Line score vs. W-K

FCL 0-0-0-0-0 = 0-1-3, LOB 3

WK 2-0-1-1-6 = 10-8-0, LOB 6

"The Southland game was a repeat of the W-K game," said Larson. "We just need to realize that for us to be successful, we need to play loose and stay aggressive. We're going to make mistakes, we just need to pick each other up and move forward."

The Falcons did do a little better, offensively, against the Rebels, coming up with five hits and two runs. Clay Olson and Mensink each had two hits and each had a double. Both of their two-base hits came in the seventh inning when the Falcons scored both of their runs. Kiel Larson led of the inning with a single, but was forced out on Andy Love's fielder's choice. Love advanced to second on wild pitch and then scored on Olson's double. Olson then scored on Mensink's two-out double.

Woellert pitched the first four innings against Southland. Woellert walked five and struck out five, while giving up seven hits and six runs(all six were earned). Mensink had the last two innings, allowing two hits, one run, earned, one walk and struck out one.

A couple positives in the Southland game...1) FCL pitching held eight Southland runners on base, and 2) the Falcon defense didn't commit any errors.

Line score vs. Southland

FCL 0-0-0-0-0-0-2 = 2-5-0, LOB 2

Southland 0-1-1-4-1-0-x = 7-9-0, LOB 8

The Falcons have two more games scheduled for this permitting. Tuesday they were scheduled to travel to St. Charles and Thursday they will host Lewiston-Altura. Next week the team will travel to GMLOK (Kingsland) on Monday and Tuesday they will host Chatfield for a double-header.

Three Rivers South Baseball

Southland 5-0 (8-0 season)

Chatfield 4-2 (4-2 season)

Caledonia/Spring Grove 3-2 (3-2 season)

GMLOK 2-6 (2-6 season)

Fillmore Central/Lanesboro 0-3 (0-3 season)

Rushford-Peterson 0-5 (0-6 season)