As an educator of 20 years, I am always amazed at the personal growth and achievements of the young people in our communities. Fillmore Central schools, teachers and parents can all take pride in knowing that we do an outstanding job of preparing our students for the world after high school. Our students learn valuable life-lessons, skills in time and financial management and a strong work ethic. All of these attributes, combined with the nurturing by caring teachers and parents, help our students succeed at the next level.

This became even more evident to me this summer. The Fillmore Central class of 2012 consisted of 49 students. These young adults are articulate, intelligent and were active in many activities in high school. Many of these students chose to continue their education at a college or university, vocational school or in the military. They understand hard work on a daily basis is the key for success in any profession or activity in life.

Out of these 49 students, the following people have not only enrolled in post-secondary education at higher institutions, they have also remained active in athletics and music at the college level. They all had to audition or be recruited into their respective groups. That is a testament to their talent and dedication!

These students are Mat Bradley, marching band, Iowa State University; Tyler Eickhoff, baseball, Vermillion; Michael Himle, cross country, McPherson College; Mitch Johnson, football, RCTC; Ryan Mayer, marching band, Iowa State University; Zach Olstad, football, Winona State University; Alex Peterson, volleyball, Bemidji State; Tanner Ristau, football, Central Lakes College; Jessie Tammel, golf, RCTC; and Andy Todd, football, Luther College.

Thank you to the class of 2012 for setting such a fine example of what it means to do your best in all of your school and extra-curricular activities. You have done a great job of modeling excellence for future classes to follow. Best of luck as you begin your first semester in college. Your families, teachers, parents, and community are proud of you!