Heidi Myhre
Heidi Myhre
Heidi Myhre feared she would lose her voice when she had surgery to remove a vocal polyp on her vocal chords last February.

"I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sing anymore, so I resigned from my last job," she explained. "Since then, I've done some doctoring and my condition improved greatly."

So, when a vocal music teaching position opened up at Mabel-Canton last year when Holly Becker retired, Myhre decided to apply and was offered the position.

She joined the Mabel-Canton faculty this past fall and teaches choir for elementary students in fourth through sixth grades and high school choir.

"Piano and singing have always been a huge part of my life, and I don't ever want that to change," Myhre added.

She graduated from Lansing, Iowa's, Kee High School in 1995 and Viterbo College in La Crosse in 1999. She began teaching in the fall of 1999 and has taught in schools at Highland, Spring Grove, Waukon, Iowa, Lansing and New Albin before coming to Mabel. "Lots of great communities and experiences," she added.

As a teacher, Myhre said she hopes every child learns one important lesson: While it's nice to be important, it's more important to be nice.

"Our Cougar Code here is so important: teaching respect, responsibility, safety and community," she added. "I chose to be a teacher because I love to teach kids the importance of music, and the importance of being good people as well."

As the first quarter of the school year has gone by, Myhre noted that she has already come to appreciate her fellow faculty members.

"The M-C staff is great! Everyone is helpful and very hard working," she said. "The bar is set high! I look forward to growing and excelling along with everyone else."

Following in the footsteps of a beloved choir teacher may have been daunting for some new teachers, however, Myhre said Becker has helped that transition.

"I'm filling really big shoes and that has been a challenge, but I am really fortunate, too," she explained. "Holly has been such a wonderful guide, friend, and leader. I just want to thank her for everything she's done to help me get started!"

In addition to being a teacher, Myhre is a wife and mother. She and her husband, Dennis, have three children, Eric, 10; Lyle, 8; and Aften, 6.

"Our weekends our full of scouting activities, sports, 4-H and dance. Never a dull moment at our house," she added.

Myhre said she has really enjoyed her first few months at Mabel-Canton and has found joy in the challenges and opportunities she's already encountered. She looks forward to many more learning opportunities and interactions with both faculty and students.

"Bring it on," she concluded.