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Tuesday, October 21, 2014 10:11 AM

The general election is almost here. It’s a time of year most people despise, except those who are running for office and the very few who thrive on politics.

  • The general election is almost here. It’s a time of year most people despise, except those who are running for office and the very few who thrive on politics.

  • The candidates taking part in a forum in Spring Valley last week — the only public forum in Fillmore County this election cycle — tended to agree on most issues raised, with only subtle differences in opinion. Since the questions came from the public, it would indicate there are no burning issues that are separating citizens, or candidates, in the county. For those divisions you have to get more local to items, such as the referendum in the Rushford-Peterson school district or the actions of the Wykoff City Council regarding its previous mayor.

  • Once again, many of our athletic teams are having outstanding years. Although it is too early to determine if any of them will make a run to the state tournament, several programs are creating a lot of excitement in the communities throughout our area.

  • Minnesota routinely leads the nation in voter turnout for elections. That has given the state an image of an engaged, politically aware population.

  • It’s always interesting which columns generate conversation, at least conversation that makes it back to my ears. The feedback from last week’s column on the responsibility of the press was surprising.

  • I’ve been in frequent conversations with our Minnesota Newspaper Association attorney over the past few months. He’s a nice guy and I always enjoy talking to him, but the multiple conversations aren’t social calls; they have been necessary due to the passion of our contributors to our opinion page.

  • Factory closings or job transfers, such as what is happening with Rochester Medical in Stewartville, which is losing at least 60 jobs to Mexico in 2015, always make an impact. The grim news makes headlines and gets people talking about the decisions that have quite an effect on the local economy.

  • A local couple “eloped” last month. One was 83 and the other 89 years old. They didn’t submit a wedding announcement to our newspaper, so all the details aren’t available, but the event is of quite a bit of interest in the community. 
  • A friend of mine from Rochester questioned me the other day about the Fillmore County Relay for Life after reading about the event, asking how it was possible that this worthy cause raised more than $136,000. After all, Fillmore County doesn’t have a lot of population — there are just over 8,000 households — and it doesn’t have a lot of wealth — the median household income is well below the average in Minnesota. 
  • As my wife and I were taking shelter in the concourse at Target Field Monday, July 14, a man with damp clothes said, “The Metrodome wasn’t so bad now was it?” His comment made me pause, but didn’t change my mind that Target Field is far superior to the indoor multi-use stadium that has now been torn down. 
  • Now that I have a job, I am getting my own money. And with this money my possibilities are endless! 
  • A bill that would have basically ended the tenure system, which protects older teachers and makes newer teachers the "last hired, first fired," made it through the Minnesota Legislature early this session before being vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton. 
  • I've lived in the area full-time for about three decades now. Although I don't have the deep family roots many residents do in the area, I've become comfortable enough that I tend to look at the area through "local" eyes, noticing daily changes, but not always seeing the larger trends. 
  • The I'm For Mabel Committee holds on to the positive side of the town of Mabel with all the strength it can find. There is most always a spark, a glimmer of fun and new ideas that can be found if community members can listen and discuss and plan. In the next months, the committee will be highlighting Mabel-area residents who are part of a positive community and try to give their best to promote where they live and work. 
  • I know from history books and old news footage that previous presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to Franklin D. Roosevelt once upon a time campaigned before and while in office from the back of a train throughout the United States. Harry Truman was the most well-known president for his whistle-stop tours and one of the most famous news photos of all time shows him standing on a train car platform holding up a copy of the Chicago Tribune with a banner headline stating "Dewy defeats Truman," which turned out to be not the case at all. 
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