The decision was made at the Aug. 14 Canton City Council meeting to retain ownership of the former Canton Municipal Liquor Store building and renovate the building to convert the structure to a government building, housing the city hall. The remodel of the building will be completed at a later date.

It was also decided that the liquor license and inventory will be sold to a qualified buyer.

In a related issue, Mayor Donivee Johnson suggested that the funds from the liquor store CD might yield a higher rate of return if invested in a League of Minnesota Cities 4-M plan. Johnson will provide more information to the council at a later date.

The closure of the city-operated liquor store will end as scheduled on Nov. 1.

Other business

Several Canton Day Off issues were also handled at the Aug. 14 meeting, including the issuance of a liquor license to the Canton American Legion and the approval of the closure of the street from the Canton Pub to the front of the Town Hall and around the gazebo.

Jon Nordsving, maintenance, reported that there were two water leaks in the past month as well as ongoing repairs to plumbing and electrical systems at the wastewater treatment plant due to the recent flooding at the facility. Nordsving stated that the replacement motor has not been received.

Street repairs to Prairie Avenue were discussed. It was decided to do a pavement overlay. This repair will be put into the 2014 budget.

Cindy Shanks led the discussion of the park equipment update. Shanks recommended to the council that the city use wood chips once again to fill in the play area. This item will be added to the 2014 budget and completed in the spring of 2014.

City pledges support to historical society

In action taken at a special meeting in July, the city of Canton pledged its support for the Canton Historical Society.

Several years ago, the city of Canton was the recipient of a bequest from the estate of Howard Vail. Born and raised in Canton, Mr. Vail lived his adult years in Ohio and became a successful businessman. Among the bequests in his will, he remembered his hometown by giving the city a significant amount of money to be used for civic purposes. Since receiving this generous gift, the city has been able to complete many projects by using only the interest from his bequest and keeping the principal whole.

The newly formed Canton Historical Society has a fairly good- sized membership of willing and enthusiastic people who have chosen the restoration of the railroad depot as their first project. Before restoration of the building itself can begin, a proper foundation must be constructed under the building.

Understanding how daunting it is to face a project with no funds available, the city council has made a pledge to the Canton Historical Society of $10,000 from the Vail Estate Fund.

According to Mayor Johnson, the council members feel that this is a worthwhile endeavor which will be beneficial for the city and the city must do it's part to help push the project forward.

At this time, the Canton Historical Society has applied for status as a non-profit organization but has yet to be approved. Once the non-profit status has been granted, the city will make the funds available.