The future of the city-owned and operated liquor store was decided at the Canton City Council meeting held last Wednesday.

The Canton City Council first reviewed the profit and loss totals for the years 2007 through 2012, reflecting business income and expenses from the past six years.

Annual losses have required the failing business to be supported by deposits from the prior successful years' profits in the form of advancements from certificate of deposit funds. Although it has been perfectly acceptable to do so, the CD balance has dropped from over $161,000 in 2007 to less than $114,000 in 2012.

Following review of the balance sheet, there was discussion as to which options the city had if the council decided to cease operation of the business.

The possibility of the sale of the building and license was reviewed and compared to another which had the city maintaining the ownership of the building, with the option to lease the structure to a qualified applicant who would purchase the existing inventory and assume the liquor license. The necessary insurance and bonding would need to be in place for the second option to work.

It was decided that the second option would be desirable, with the option to buy the building in the future to be a part of the agreement.

The city has held the required public hearing to take action on this matter and there was no public input regarding the issue at that meeting. Therefore, the council explained no further meetings are required.

Since the business is not self-sustaining, it was decided that it would be a disservice to the City of Canton to continue operating the Canton Liquor Store. The date to end operations was set as Nov. 1, 2013.

The funds from the liquor store CD would be put into the general fund after closure of the liquor store business.

Other business

In other business, the council handled the following issues.

• There was no wastewater treatment plant or city maintenance problems reported.

• Clerk Lolly Melander reported that the annual township billing for services from the Canton Fire Department had been determined. The billing for Canton Township was to be $8 per citizen, to be paid in two installments. A copy of the annual statement was provided to the council members for review. Amherst Township is reported to have made their $6,000 annual payment, not based upon per capita.

• Josh Hosting was present to discuss the installation of an outdoor wood burner on his property. The existing city regulations were reviewed as well as setback requirements of 10 feet from all property lines. No council approval was required on this request.

• The possible additions to the Jim Davis property were reviewed. Davis had provided drawings of the addition to his home and garage, including a statement that Davis may not build the entire project. Davis meets all city setback requirements and will be checking with Tri-County Electric as to their easement requirements. Approval was given by the city, contingent upon Tri-County Electric's approval.

• Complaints regarding a dog running at large, owned by Danny Whalen, were discussed. The dog was reported to be running loose in the evenings without his owner. Whalen will be contacted regarding the violation of the city ordinance regarding pets.

• Jon Nordsving informed the council of the Fire Relief Association's decision to implement a minimum charge of $200, plus insurance, for serving weddings and special occasions.

• Nordsving also reported that the Canton Legion donated $2,000 towards the cost of replacement pagers for the Canton Fire Department.