Jamie Dierson was present at the Canton City Council meeting last Wednesday, Aug. 13, to continue the discussion on his concerns about the condition of the current city sewer system, specifically in his part of town.

Dierson had previously approached the council with his concerns about the expenses he incurred as a result of a plugged sewer line between his house and the city line, which runs under the First Street in Canton.

As a result, a special meeting was held on July 15 to hear Dierson’s concerns and review the city ordinance with regard to the cost for repairs of sewer lines. 

The current ordinance specifically states the property owners are responsible for the replacement, repair and maintenance of the “private lines,” those which run laterally to the main line.  No provision is made for the city being responsible for any portion of the private lines, which lie in public right of ways.

There was some discussion as to possible options in revising the current ordinance, but it was decided at the July 15 special meeting the matter would be tabled until the regularly scheduled meeting, held last Wednesday.

Dierson continued the discussion by relaying the timeline of events and actions taken to make his line function normally.

He did confirm that a towel was recovered from the line between his house and the main.

Dierson had also had the line televised and stated the line was not compromised, although there were some areas of ponding in the line between his house and the main line.

He questioned the cause of lowered areas and cracks in the city streets and came to the conclusion these are a result of a deficient sewer line system, which he stated he had observed when walking around town.

He also had questions as to how the city televises the lines and was wondering how much it would cost for the city to purchase a camera rather than hire a firm to complete the process.

Jon Nordsving, Canton’s public works director, stated that one-third of the lines are televised at a time and the firm and engineer are very reputable and are used by most of the area towns for their needs as well.

In addition, Nordsving stated that although Dierson stated a camera could be purchased for about $6,000, in actuality the mechanized camera needed to move through the city lines would cost more in the area of $85,000.

Dierson concluded his comments by stating his sewer line is now working, but he still has concerns as to the condition of the lines in town.

No changes were made to the ordinance regarding the responsibility for whose responsibility it is to pay for these kind of repairs.

Water service request

Bob Pass was also present at the meeting to request the city consider running a city water line to his property south of town and outside of city limits.

Pass stated he would assume all costs for the installation of the line if approved by the city.

There was some discussion as to the need to obtain approval of the township to tunnel under the county road, checking into the laying of line in the right of way and potential pipe size needed to accommodate the distance and ensure adequate water pressure at such a great distance from town.

In addition, the possibility of the sale of the property to another owner who did not realize the private line would need to be solely the responsibility of the property owner was discussed.

The issue of potential increased use for agricultural needs was touched upon as well.

Pass told the council he did not expect a decision but would appreciate their consideration and decision at a later date.

When asked, the council told Pass his presence would not be required when a decision is made. 

The issue was tabled until the regularly scheduled September meeting.

Government building

Mayor Donivee Johnson gave an update on the progress on the city’s new government building.

The tables and chairs have been delivered, flooring is to be laid Aug. 25 with baseboards being installed next with desk and countertop construction to follow. Additional projects include bathroom fixture installation and office furniture placement.

It was noted that the exterior halogen lighting has motion sensors.

Rebates for energy efficient purchases will be investigated.

It was decided that the building would be open for the Canton Day Off celebration.

In conclusion

The remainder of the meeting discussion involved the finalization of the plans for the Canton Day Off celebration.