A relatively light agenda came before the Mabel City Council during its meeting on Wednesday, June 11. By invitation, the council met at The Meadows Assisted Living Facility in Mabel.

First responder course

City Clerk Karen Larson updated the council on events taking place to bring in new members to the city ambulance crew. Larson reported a first responder class will be held in Mabel beginning on Saturday, June 14, at the Mabel Community Center.

"We had 13 people interested but not everyone could make it into their schedule," Larson said. "I think we have eight people taking the class...which is still good. Even if only half pass right away, that is still getting four more people that can get on the ambulance service."

Larson added another class may be offered this fall or in the spring of 2015 for those who were not able to fit the class in their schedule this summer. One of those classes could be an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) class.

"I am very thankful we had people who are willing to do this," Larson said.

The update is a big sign of hope after the council was briefed last month on the desperate need for more volunteers in order for an ambulance service to continue operating in Mabel.

Purchase of building

In the city's accounts payable section, Larson noted the purchase of the former Quilters' Heaven building in downtown Mabel has been completed.

The accounts payable section states the property was purchased for $11,000. Another $46.00 was spent to record the deed.

The city's plan is to eventually demolish the building, but Larson said an asbestos inspection must be done first.

Cherrywood Drive

Larson told the council that improvements to Cherrywood Drive are near completion. All that remains is some minor dust control work on the street.

In a separate interview, Public Works director Bob Mireau said crews have "built up" the street in the past month. The project included excavating some ditches on both sides of the road, some storm sewer work and building the road up with blacktop millings.

Community center use

The council approved allowing the Mabel-Canton School District to use the Mabel Area Community Center in the case of an emergency.

Larson explained to the council the reasoning behind the request. "Currently, if there is an emergency situation at the school the kids were (to) be evacuated to the Mabel First Lutheran Church," she said. "But now the church is being locked during the day so they are not able to go there. So the school is looking for a place for these kids to go and be evacuated to in an emergency situation and they had asked if they could use the (Mabel) community center."

Change order, partial payment

The council approved a change order request from Hoskin's Electric, which is conducting the electrical work on the city's water and wastewater improvement project. The request asks for an extension from the city in their part of the project.

The company reports that Minnesota Energy is not able to get natural gas out to the site due to their schedule - which prevents the start up of the generator. The request asks for an extension through June 30. The council approved the request.

The council also approved a partial payment request from the company in the amount of $9,355.

Other action items

The council approved its yearly membership in the Minnesota Association of Small Cities. The organization works on behalf of small cities in the state in terms of legislation. The cost of the membership to the city was $456.15.

The council voted to start the process to sell an unused city cop car. The car is a 2004 Chevy Impala with 165,500 miles. The city will publish the sale and accept bids for the vehicle. Bids will be opened at the council's July meeting.

Public works report

Larson filled the council in on several items in the absence of Public Works Director Bob Mireau. Larson briefed them on the city's wellhead protection plan and a planned pre-construction meeting regarding the water and wastewater improvement project.