Everyone has said the words, "I love you," and many, or most of us, say them everyday to someone.

Not all, but most, want to be married to the person to whom they say these words. Most, but not all, want to be married for the sake of a family. Others, even knowing that they cannot have children, want to be married for the sake of love, comfort and companionship that marriage brings to them.

It is, therefore, completely clear to me that if the couple wants to be married, they should be allowed to, without regard to the gender of the individuals.

Here in Minnesota, TODAY, same-sex couples are NOT allowed to marry. If you are a loving, committed, same-sex couple, there are 515 Minnesota laws that discriminate against you.

And why bring up the idea of a constitutional amendment? An amendment would in effect, write in stone (it could be said) the beliefs of some, who want to force their ideas on every Minnesota citizen.

What are you doing to the freedom of belief? If you want evidence of how permanent this amendment would be, just look at the U.S. Constitution and its amendments. In all the years (236) of our history, only one, get that, ONE amendment has ever been repealed.

Think carefully about what you are doing and vote NO regarding the marriage amendment which will be on the November ballot.

I have never gained happiness in my life through denying it to others.


Harvey Benson,