Do I have buyer's remorse for retiring in Harmony? No!

I license my golf cart/ATV to run errands in the summer. I haul trimmed branches to the city trash site. I go shopping at the hardware store, grocery store, welding shop and meat market. I enjoy senior lunch at the restaurant, spend time at the visitors center, post office, movie theater, visit friends and visit the Harmony Sports Club to shoot targets.

I can also visit the golf course with my golf cart. I take along my handicap certificate and my DNR trail permit contract when I visit scenic sights along the bike trail going to Preston.

I like to take my ATV on township roads and visit remote locations like the road/path in the woods at the north end of Deer Road.

I use my golf cart to visit one of the many local card games. I like to play 500 and rummy. I also take friends to shopping trips or doctor appointments.

Do I regret retiring in a small town? No, I can do things here that I would never be able to do in a large city.

But I live here. What do tourists enjoy?

They can visit the woodcarving museum and have photos taken with the many large carvings located around town. They can spend a hot summer afternoon in the cool depths of Niagara Cave. They can fish for trout in any of the well- stocked nearby streams. They can visit several local antique malls and shops.

Five local restaurants supply great choices for lunch or supper.

I am so glad I chose to retire in Harmony.

Gayland Jones