To the editor:

I see it's time for our beloved representative, "Uncle Greg" Davids' annual questionnaire, with "have you stopped beating your wife?" loaded questions. It is more of an assertion of right wing Tea Party talking points than a real questionnaire.

Let's look at some of them: Mr. Davids asks if we approve of the "largest tax increase in our state's history." Fact is, it was a modest increase on the top 2 percent. It included a drop in the sales tax, moving Minnesota from seventh to 27th in sales tax rates. It also included a property tax rebate for all.

Obviously Mr. Davids opposes ObamaCare. What is your party's solution, Greg? Silence? I guess the learned salon likes discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, gender, etc.

As for the $90 million office building, this is pure politicin' at its best. The bill passed with bi-partisan support. It is needed. The final dollar figure is to be determined.

The key word in his query on unionization of home-based child care providers is "may" require unionization. Gov. Dayton wants providers to vote on the issue.

The tiny tax imposed on our utility bills goes toward an energy omnibus bill that encourages solar, wind energy. Are you against that, Greg? As far as the gas tax, it is still a proposal and would go toward fixing crumbling infrastructure and provide decent jobs.

Jerry Grehl,