When I moved to Minnesota in 2007 from Pennsylvania, I was in the dark about Minnesota politics.

As an independent, I usually voted for the incumbent as long as there were no scandals. I did, however, bring some interest in issues that are relevant anywhere, in particular domestic violence, since it has affected me personally.

I was shocked to hear Fillmore Family Recourses, a non political agency dedicated to helping victims of these crimes, will be closing it's doors by Oct. 1 because 80 percent of its modest budget of $200,000 was cut by the Office Of Justice programs.

Why didn't Greg Davids, our representative, fight to save it? Why did Greg Davids vote to de-fund? Greg Davids did see fit to vote to give the millionaire owner of the Vikings $500 million to build his palatial sports colossus near St. Paul. $500 mil for Ziggy but not a dime for helpless victims of domestic violence.

I will be voting for Ken Tschumper this November, someone who cares more for innocent victims of these horrible crimes than he does for the roar of a crowd.

Jerry Grehl,