I'm voting for Greg "Uncle Greg" Davids! Republican Rep.

I just got a flyer in today's mail: here's what he's done for us!

1.Turned a $6.2 billion deficit into a $1.3 billion surplus! Yaaay!

2. Passed "job creation bills" that put 40,000 folks back to work! Thanks, Uncle Greg!

3. Personally reduced state spending by $5 billion! Wow!

4. Is responsible for unemployment going from 7.5 percent to (drum roll please) 5.7 percent.

Finally, 5. He kept Gov. Dayton's $4 zillion tax increase from harming all Minnesotans! Whoopie!

I'll bet after reading this, even Ken Tschumper will vote for Uncle Greg! O, happy days are here again!

Jerry Grehl,