The cast and crew of "Sealed in Spit" did an excellent job in performing for their fellow schoolmates and members of the community last Friday and Saturday, March 21 and 22.  BRETTA GRABAU/REPUBLICAN-LEADER
The cast and crew of "Sealed in Spit" did an excellent job in performing for their fellow schoolmates and members of the community last Friday and Saturday, March 21 and 22. BRETTA GRABAU/REPUBLICAN-LEADER
Life gets complicated. At some point or other, everyone runs across a time when he or she experiences an attraction with someone else. Websites such as eHarmony or Matchmaker have based their strategic plans on such desires.

One unique way this was demonstrated was through the Lanesboro Public High School's dramatization, "Sealed in Spit," which ran through the weekend with a dinner theater.

The cast consisted of 24 students, from seventh grade through 12th grade, at the Lanesboro High School. They were directed by Krissy Overland.

The play included many areas of comedy, which the audience loved, and each cast member did a phenomenal job in his or her part.

The story began with two of the main characters, Billy Bob and Bubba, running from the sheriff after putting a makeshift rocket on the roof of a neighbor's house. Billy Bob had to leave his home down south to become more well-educated in the schools of New York. Bubba remained at home, feeling lonely. Before separating, Billy Bob promised to return for Bubba and never forget him. They sealed the promise, spitting in their hands and shaking them, signifying an unbreakable vow.

Fifteen years pass and three sisters in New York have made a family business out of matchmaking. Software made by a man named James Grayson was built especially for their business. The eldest sister, Leslie, was the interviewer and businessperson of the family. The other two sisters, Maddi and Sara, hunted for good restaurants.

The sisters are joined by a young man, Gary, who often jabbed at Maddi's eating habits and personality. Maddi returned the favor. Leslie informed her sisters of the dire straights the business is in financially.

Billy Bob, then the rich owner of his father's software company, dressed as though he were a cowboy. Because he snuck into the women's home a few years earlier to look at some of their files, Sara detested Billy Bob and all the efforts he has made to persuade her that he really likes her. Gary then persuaded the sisters to help Billy Bob with a favor.

The favor was to set up his best friend, Bubba with a date while he is in New York for a week. In return, Billy Bob would pay each of the sisters and Gary $100,000. Bets were made due to the hostilities between Billy Bob and Sara. Sara was to find Bubba a date and Billy Bob would triple her reward. If she could not do this, she would have to date Billy Bob, who had a reputation of having two women with him almost always, for a whole month.

Once the women looked at Bubba, they knew they have a tough job ahead of them. He sauntered in with bare feet, overalls, stocking cap and several inches of beard. To make matters worse, he spoke with the, "Them thar hills" dialect.

As a side plot, four separate couples come to complain that their dates are completely incompatible with each other. One couple consists of a pilot and a claustrophobic and acrophobic young man. A second is a police officer and "shoplifter," though she continually denies it. A third is a marine sergeant and an anti-war activist. Finally, the last couple is a sports buff and literary nut. Each seems to be an impossible combination.

The sisters think the problem is with the software, which belongs to Billy Bob's company. However, after calling a technician to investigate, he sees nothing to suggest tampering or virus.

During this time, the women set Bubba up with several dates, each of which he ended quickly with his hillbilly honesty. Leslie had also put up her own information in hopes for a date. After coming home from one, Bubba ran the man out of the house. The next day they took a day off and go fishing together.

While those two are out, Billy Bob told Sara of his desire to help the sisters' business out of the impending financial ruin. Suddenly, Bubba and Leslie return and one by one each of the four couples return to say thank you to the sisters and inform them of their reconciliations. The claustrophobic and acrophobic young man began skydiving. The policeman was dating the chief of police. The sportsman read one book and the bookworm attended a game with him -- and spent the night in jail because of the intensity with which she had watched the game.

Up until this point the play may seem a simple straightforward plot. Yet the final scene threw both a twist and a monkey wrench into the plot.

The twist began when Billy Bob and Bubba revealed that they are play-acting. Bubba dropped his speech for the regular, everyday American way of talking. He let slip he owned a beach house in California. Not only that, but he was actually Bubba James Grayson, the one who had developed the sisters' computer software and had altered the sister's information without leaving a footprint. Billy Bob and Bubba had attended college together were actually business partners. The whole point was to let Sara see the difference between Billy Bob and "Hillbilly" Bubba, in the hopes she would begin to like Billy Bob.

When Maddi and Sara return home, the charade continued, but only for minutes after Sara, who blamed Billy Bob for using his "unsuspecting" friend to gain a date with her, bet that if Bubba knew about it, she would marry Billy Bob on the spot.

Bubba returned completely changed as the James Grayson from California. Billy Bob told Sara each of the women she had seen were simply actresses hired to pose as close friends of his. He only wanted a relationship with Sara.

Maddi and Leslie confessed to wanting their sister to be happy and setting up the whole charade with Billy Bob, who had opposed the idea at first. They had planned to back Sara into a bet which she would not win. What they had not expected was Bubba in the picture. Sarah promised to marry Billy Bob, and Bubba insists sealing the promise after spitting in their hands and shaking hands.

At this point, the monkey wrench surfaced. Once Billy Bob, Leslie, Greg and Maddi left the room, Bubba and Sara congratulate each other on the well-done job they pulled. Several years prior to the present time, the two had met and controlled the whole scheme behind-the-scenes.

The story ended with Billy Bob and two sisters believing they had succeeded in their scheme and two new relationships between Billy Bob and Sara and Bubba and Leslie.