D.A.R.E. has taught me that bullying, drugs and alcohol can have more effects on people than you think. Like bullying, you can treat someone so badly that they turn to drugs and alcohol just so they can feel a little bit better. Then starts the drama and the next thing you know your life is ruined.

D.A.R.E. can help kids so that they don't choose that path, so they make better choices.

During D.A.R.E. we had a speaker named Dave Merkle who had a very inspiring story. I was very surprised that was his actual life. To me it seemed very important that he shares his story with others because his story changed my life, opening up my eyes to see the true expenses of drugs and alcohol. The true expense to drugs and alcohol could be your life.

It controls everything; it controls your money, sports, family and everything in between. No, I wouldn't know the power of that world without D.A.R.E. One simple word can determine which path you take, the one that leads you into drugs, alcohol abuse and possibly jail time or the path which leads to the good life with a family, a good job and possibly everything you dreamed of.

The important things I learned in D.A.R.E. are that no matter how much you say you're going to quit, the chance is very slim and it's not just tobacco, it's drugs and alcohol. I learned that people are there for you to help in tough situations and that you are not alone.

Life, you might say, is like D.A.R.E. Circle D for drugs, A for abuse, R for resistance, E for education. How you put those in order is up to you, just remember that the three things inside are there for you, school, parents, police.

The important thing that I have learned from D.A.R.E. is that you can say no, you can choose the right path, you can control your life and only you can choose which path you go down.

What I have learned in D.A.R.E. is that no one can change you, you have to change you.