February was a very busy month at Fillmore Central Elementary with it being "I Love To Read Month." The kids were buzzing with energy for reading and fun!

Fillmore Central Community Education, Fillmore Central Schools and area businesses partnered up to encourage a reading program for kids in the area.

Fillmore Central Schools has celebrated this event for years during the month of February and this year was no exception. To create more adventure, this year's theme was "Winter Olympics" to follow suit with what was going on in Sochi.

The month consisted of not just reading, but several activities and dress-up days. Each classroom was assigned a country that was participating in the Winter Olympics and then the classes made flags to carry at the opening ceremony and kept track of all of the medals received by their country in the actual Olympics.

There was an opening ceremony and students performed several Olympic games. Wednesdays were dress-up days and Thursdays provided a time for SQUIRT (Super Quiet, Uninterrupted Reading Time). The school-wide goal was to read 100,000 pages, K-6. Preschool kids had their own goals of 200 to 400 minutes being read to them during the month.

The local businesses that partnered with the school on this incentive program offered prizes, Preston bucks, discount in stores, meals at restaurants and goodies. Rewarding reading accomplishments with awards, praise and recognition was the goal of the program.

Title I, teachers and Community Education at Fillmore Central worked together to develop a goal depending on the age group and reading levels of the students. This goal was set at an expectation that the educators would love to see all kids reach. Once the students reached their reading goal on their reading log, they were offered an added incentive from area businesses.

The students in pre-school read at least 200 minutes; students in kindergarten through second grade had a goal of 300 minutes; third and fourth graders had a goal of 400 pages and students in fifth and sixth grade had a goal of 600 pages.

During the month of February there were 229 students that turned in reading logs! Although "I Love To Read Month" is over, the incentive program is not. Area businesses are continuing to offer the added incentives through the month of March.

Appreciation has been expressed for the area families, Fillmore Central teachers and business owners and employees for their time, interest and involvement on this great incentive program for the students.