Three Burros have been named to the 2013 Southeast Conference All-Conference boys' basketball team. In addition another LHS player has earned honorable mention on the elite squad. For the girls, one Lanesboro player was named to the SEC All-Conference team, while another won honorable mention.

Junior guard Kole Ruud not only made the team, he was named SEC Player of the Year. One of six juniors to make the All SEC team, Ruud scored 610 points (22.6 per game) on the season, hitting 42 percent from beyond the three point arc, 49 percent from two point territory, and 72 percent from the foul line. He worked equally hard on both ends of the floor, totaling 49 offensive and 51 defensive rebounds. Ruud also lifted 61 steals (a team-high figure), and passed for 88 assists.

Ruud is the third Burro to win the SEC player of the year award. Previous winners were Tyler Speer in 2007, and co-player of the year Brett Hungerholt in 2010.

Senior guard Erik Peterson was one of those who earned SEC honorable mention last year. Now he's a member of the first team. Peterson scored 416 points, tying Ruud with 103 three point buckets. He averaged 15.4 points per game, hitting 38 percent from three point land, 49 percent from two point range, and 67 percent from the charity stripe. Peterson had 77 defensive rebounds, 18 offensive boards, 4 blocked shots, 60 steals, and 98 assists.

Junior guard Luke Rogers also made the All-Conference team. He scored 438 points (16.2 per game), hitting 35 percent from beyond the arc, 56 percent of his two point shots, and a team-high 77 percent on free throws. Rogers had 46 offensive and 147 defensive rebounds. He blocked 10 shots, grabbed 42 steals, and passed for 72 assists.

Senior center Isaac Freese won Honorable Mention. He led the Burros in rebounding, snagging 79 offensive and 156 defensive boards. Freese also led the team with 14 blocked shots. He scored 166 points (6.1 per game), hitting 60 percent from two-point range and 55 percent from the line. Freese had 30 steals and 16 assists.

In team voting, the Most Valuable Player award went to Peterson.

Senior guard Daulton Gartner was named Most Improved Player. He scored 79 points on the year, averaging 3.3 per outing. Gartner hit 17 percent from three-point territory, 49 percent from two point range, and 38 percent from the line. He also contributed 43 offensive and 66 defensive rebounds. Shots blocked totaled 7, with 19 steals and 16 assists.

Lanesboro senior guard Johanna Bearson earned All-Conference first team honors for the girls. She averaged 10 points per game in conference outings, along with 2 steals each time the team hit the floor. Bearson posted a 30 percent success rate from beyond the three-point arc, 35 percent from two point territory.

Bearson was also named Most Valuable Player - Offense in team awards.

SEC Honorable Mention was awarded to senior forward Alisa Warnes. She also averaged 10 points per game in conference matches. Warnes also averaged 5 rebounds per game. She hit 45 percent of her two-point field goals.

Kirsten Ruen won Most Valuable Player - Defense in team voting. She often was assigned to guard the best opposing player, Coach Kelly McMillen noted. "She guarded every position and had excellent mental toughness throughout the whole season," he added. Ruen's averages were 6 points, 4 rebounds 1 steal, and 1 assist per game.

The Overall Team Player Award went to student manager Kirstin Lawstuen. "She's a really hard worker and is always there for the girls," athletic director Jody Peterson stated.

Academic All-Conference awards went out to Lawstuen, Ruen, Warnes, Olivia Rogers, Kelsey O'Koren, Haley Leiding, Kayla Leiding, Kaia Hongerholt, Chelsea Hanson, Bailey Gartner, Stephanie Erickson, Heather Boyum, Isaac Freese, Garret Boggs, Will Semmen, Eric Holst, Jereal Eddy, and Ruud.