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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 12:47 PM
A population of 100,000 is substantial. Five states don’t even have one metropolis that large. Some cities that size, like Fargo, N.D., are their state’s biggest. Others, like Lansing, Mich., are state capitals.
  • A population of 100,000 is substantial. Five states don’t even have one metropolis that large. Some cities that size, like Fargo, N.D., are their state’s biggest. Others, like Lansing, Mich., are state capitals. 
  • You perhaps more or less remember what congressman and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said on a radio talk show a few months ago about "work" and "culture." It led to a midsize flap about whether he is a racist.

  • NORMANDY BEACHHEAD, June 17, 1944 - In the preceding column we told about the D-day wreckage among our machines of war that were expended in taking one of the Normandy beaches. 
  • My name is Lina Della Libera from Germany, and I had the awesome opportunity to be a PAX exchange student at Fillmore Central High School this year. My host family was the Corson family of Preston - Eric, Tara, Siri, Elias and Jonas. 
  • Chances are you have noticed extra law enforcement on our roads and "Click It or Ticket" messages on TV and radio. The effort and the messages certainly raise awareness about seatbelts and their use, but there is a deeper reason for the campaign. Quite simply, there are far too many preventable fatalities and life-altering injuries occurring on Minnesota roads. 
  • After a decade of uncertainty over Clean Water Act jurisdiction following Supreme Court challenges in 2001 and 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers announced a forthcoming administrative rule to close enforcement loopholes, restoring protections to 20 million acres of wetlands, more than half the nation's streams, and drinking water for 117 million Americans. 
  • Barack Obama exploded into my consciousness like fireworks on the Fourth of July. "There are no red states, there are no blue states, there is just the United States of America!" 
  • As usual, Craig Moorhead did a good job this time reporting on the LP gas shortage. In his interviews with Jeff Larson of Minnesota Energy Resources and Josh Severson of Severson Oil, one aspect that was omitted was the amount of propane and propylene being exported. 
  • Our propane shortage came in part from cold weather, pipeline closures and corn drying. 
  • Janel and I wish to extend a personal thank you to the Winona County Sheriff's Department, local fire departments, first responders, law enforcement officers, search and rescue teams, divers and all volunteers involved in the recovery of the four victims involved in the tragic Jan. 5 accident on Riverview Drive in Winona. 
  • There's nothing like bad bridgework to leave a body writhing and speechless. 
  • The New Year celebrates the fifth operating year of the National Trout Center (NTC) at Preston. Conceived in 2009 by the Preston Economic Development Authority as a regional economic development engine, the NTC showcases the extraordinary landscape and cold-water fishery assets of the driftless area, the unglaciated region of the Mississippi River valley. 
  • Shuanghui International, a well-healed Chinese group, has offered to buy Smithfield Foods, Inc. for $7.1 billion. Currently, Smithfield controls 26 percent of the United States pork processing and 15 percent of domestic hog production. 
  • To the editor:

    I returned to Lanesboro a few weeks ago after being out of the country for three months. I found a note from Greg Davids with the golden Minnesota seal. He had been presented with a copy of the Freedom To Marry Act, which I had signed.

  • Welcome 2013! It was always promised - because finite measurements are always painted on the Creators' canvas of infinity! Remember: A clock is not time itself! Tomorrow is always there because He who made THE ALL is always there and you are a part of His making. You, the real you, are all eternal as His messengers have all said and which you will witness when you leave the cocoon to wing your way home to Him, your source. 
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