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Wednesday, November 05, 2014 8:37 AM

The soldiers who fought the Revolutionary War were our first veterans, the only cohort of U.S. warriors who took up arms to create rather than defend a country.

  • On a recent Monday night in Brooklyn, five empty chairs stood on stage — one for each member of the Federal Communications Commission. A crowd had amassed in the room for a public hearing to send this message to the agency: Dont hurt the open Internet.

  • The soldiers who fought the Revolutionary War were our first veterans, the only cohort of U.S. warriors who took up arms to create rather than defend a country.

  • Politics is not easy. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who are willing to step out of the comfort zone and tackle thorny issues. 
  • I am writing to recommend Brian Miner for Fillmore County sheriff. I serve with Brian on the Fillmore County Salvation Army Auxiliary Unit. Brian is the founder of the Fillmore County “Shop with a Cop” program. This event is very successful and impacts the lives of many of our citizens.

  • The Preamble to our Constitution clearly charges you and me, ordinary citizens, with the responsibility to "form a more perfect union.”  
  • Local farmers and their farms are crucial to our local, rural-based economy in Fillmore County.  Without farmers in Fillmore County, many of whom are second, third and fourth generation farmers, our local consumers would be far more dependent on food grown outside our local area.

  • I would like to share our state Representative Greg Davids’ record of times he proposed and voted for property tax relief in our district.

  • Minnesota is a leader in percentage of voters, but sometimes we elect (or re-elect) a career politician when a statesman (or stateswoman) is running against him.   
  • The time to elect our next county sheriff is fast approaching.  I hope that people will take a good hard look at voting for Brian Miner to fill that position.  

  • Next month we elect a new county sheriff.  When the candidates ask for your vote, remember to question them about personal safety.

  • My husband and I were on a road trip to Preston over the weekend. When we got there we had car trouble and our battery was dead.

  • Every fall, my cousin and I watch football games in his “man cave” that's equipped with sports memorabilia, Xbox, a fully stocked bar and the crown jewel, an HD 70-inch television. As a lifelong southerner who loves college football, this is nirvana. 
  • Members of Congress are home now, campaigning for the upcoming elections. Their messages are all over the map, and for a good reason: they have very little to brag about.   The Congress that just recessed until after the elections makes the 80th — the one that Harry Truman blasted as “do-nothing” — look like a paragon of productivity. This year’s members did manage to avoid a shutdown, but that’s about all. Congressional leaders spent the better part of the year avoiding tough votes.

  • Buy local. Its a well known strategy for small towns. Keeping your grocery money close to home keeps the grocery store close to home.

  • This is an important time of year for Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF). We are wrapping up our annual update visits with local city and county government leaders, requesting their continued financial support of the work we do. In addition, we now kick off our fall solicitation of businesses, banks, and individuals who support the work of the Foundation.

MNsure opening

Officials are saying the opening weekend of Mnsure went smoothly. Have your experiences been positive or negative?


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