My name is Lina Della Libera from Germany, and I had the awesome opportunity to be a PAX exchange student at Fillmore Central High School this year. My host family was the Corson family of Preston - Eric, Tara, Siri, Elias and Jonas.

I arrived in Preston last August and from the beginning I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful everybody was: my teachers, the principal Mr. Olstad; the high school administrative assistant, Jane Sagen, and of course the FC students helped me out. Within a week I felt as if had always been part of this school! The same thing happened with the whole community, and I can only try to express how thankful I am for every ride, smile, encouraging word and the chance to be a part of this amazing town.

I am so grateful that I was able to have this great experience and this would not have happened without my host family. The Corsons spontaneously opened their home and family for this strange German, who is now lucky enough to call them Mom and Dad. Thank you also to the extended family and especially Nana and Papa (Terry and Pam Rasmussen) who welcomed me as their 10th grandchild.

The Corsons seem to have had as much fun as I did and are going to host a Ukranian exchange student next year. If you are interested in hosting an exchange student you can contact my community coordinator, Donna Ryan, to whom I also owe a big "Thank you!" - at (608) 323-7039.

Thank you to everybody who made my exchange year so awesome. I will always remember you!

With thanks,

Lina Della Libera