As usual, Craig Moorhead did a good job this time reporting on the LP gas shortage. In his interviews with Jeff Larson of Minnesota Energy Resources and Josh Severson of Severson Oil, one aspect that was omitted was the amount of propane and propylene being exported. In September of 2012 it was 148,000 barrels per day. In September of 2013 it was 335,000 barrels per day; in October of 2012 it was 189,000 barrels per day; in October of 2013 it was 408,000 barrels per day; in November of 2012 it was 233,000 barrels per day; in November of 2013 it was 410,000 barrels per day. Get the picture? You can't just blame farmers for drying corn or colder weather for shortages.

Now the oil and gas industry is trying to overturn the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act that keeps all U.S. crude oil business within our country and allows the export of only refined oil and gases. We gray heads remember those days of real shortages and long lines because of the OPEC embargo. The Democrats have put Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana as head of their energy committee and the Republicans have made Sen. Lisa Murkowski their top member. She's from Alaska. Guess where this is headed. It's as simple as supply and demand. If we take our oil out of the country to the world market, OPEC will lessen their supply to keep the price up. If we have extra oil here, what is the Keystone Pipeline all about? The same game being played with those of us who heat with LP will be run on everyone who drives.

Steve Hartwick