Election season is here once again. Many members of the city and school boards in the area have filed for reelection on various councils and school boards in several communities.

School boards

Seven individuals from Fillmore Central and Lanesboro School Boards have filed for reelection in their seats. All are running uncontested for their seats. For Fillmore Central, Craig Britton, Emily Ellis-Onsager, Sue Sikkink and Shelly Topness have filed for election. In Lanesboro, Lolly Melander, David Ruen and Steven Snyder have filed for election.


Mayor Kurt Reicks will again be running for his current office, unopposed in November.

Seeking to join Reicks on the city council are incumbents Robert Maust and Charles Sparks.


Lanesboro will see new names on the ballot for council members and the mayoral candidacy. Robin Krom will be running for election as the city's mayor.

In addition, four residents are running for city council. These include Doug Baker, Marge Drake, Autumn Johnson and Jason Resseman.


Richard Kujath seeks reelection as the mayor of Fountain.

Council members Bryan Ostby and James Schott also filed for reelection to the city council.


For Whalan, the mayoral candidate in November will be Mayor Larry Johnson who is running unopposed.

As for the council, Jim Gustavson and T. Everett Johnson filed to run for reelection as well.